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Edge Compute and Hybrid Cloud


Oper8 Global launched on the back of the Oper8 business in Australia, a location where distances, centralised cloud services (at the national level) and limited bandwidth create application and hosted application issues for businesses. Simply throwing bandwidth at the links between users, industrial and IoT platforms and hosted cloud infrastructure does not always fix the problem.

Cloud, hosted applications and software-as-a-service are valid and viable approaches to service delivery. However depending on the business process, application, and inter-process latency requirement, some centrally hosted systems cannot meet the technical or business objectives the organisation is seeking.

The answer can be to deploy compute, data storage and local network capacity where it’s needed – at the Edge, close to the industrial process and/or users. This approach can include cloud technologies being deployed on-premise with centralised cloud service interconnectivity, hence ‘hybrid cloud’ solutions spanning both local and cloud locations.

“Like it or not, the need for local computer rooms or data centres never really went away, accepting they most likely got a lot smaller over the last 10 years. Routers, firewalls and LAN switching with POE for local devices still required a level of data centre infrastructure on-premise … now termed the Edge”, noted Mike Andrea, Director, Oper8 Global Ltd, adding “many organisations retained small private installations of compute and data storage simply to handle applications and business processes that could not be moved to the cloud”.

In places like Australia, it is not always feasible to maintain high bandwidth links with high levels of resilience from a cost and availability of service perspective. With a single link to the cloud likely being responsible for your whole business, it might be worth considering Edge options with hybrid cloud technologies.

Oper8 Global can Design & Construct customised Edge, HPC, Modular and Hybrid solutions, while a range of data centre solutions are listed under our Products.

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