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Premier Edge Bundle

Wireless Asset Management and Environmental Management Solutions providing visibility to Near and Far Edge locations and Hybrid IT sites

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Oper8 Premier Edge Bundle
Oper8 Premier Edge Kit Bundle

The Oper8 Premier Edge Kit enables IT organizations to remotely monitor environmental conditions including rack-level intake temperature, humidity, leak detection, and power usage with one unified managed platform.

Designed to cost effectively and quickly enable monitoring of remote critical IT systems.

Included Hardware

The Oper8 Premier Edge Kit includes the following RF Readers and Sensors:

  • (1) M250 RF Reader (POE powered)
  • (4) Temperature / Humidity Sensors (R156)
  • (2) Door Sensors (R120)
  • (2) Dry Contact Sensors (R130)
  • (1) Fluid Sensor Kit (R135-0B50)
  • (1) AC Power Sensor (R171)

Any additional RF environmental or asset sensor tags can be added onto the Oper8 Premier Edge Kit.

Included Licenses

The Oper8 Premier Edge Kit includes the first year annual in advance licenses for the 10 included environmental RF sensor tags.

Additional licenses can be purchased to augment one or more remote sites with additional environmental and/or asset tracking sensor tags.

Asset Tracking

Easily add Asset Tracking sensors to real-time track your critical IT assets across your remote and Edge sites.

RF and Infrared options can provide varying levels of location granularity. Ask Oper8 Global which asset sensors are best suited to your business needs.

Large Corporate Sites

The Oper8 Premier Edge Kit uses exactly the same RF Code wireless environmental and asset tracking sensors and RF Readers used across large-scale colocation and corporate / enterprise data centres.

The Oper8 Premier Edge Kit can be used to expand your existing RF Code deployment outside your corporate data centre to monitor critical facilities and sites across your campus, distributed office and remote / Edge IT sites.  

Best Fit for the Kit

Enable visibility of small remote sites that support mission critical IT systems, network infrastructure and/or control and security systems.

A great fit for:

  • large campus deployments
  • distributed IT nodes across hospitals and shopping centres
  • enabling fast, simple and cost effective visibility … anywhere

The RF Code for Edge solution helps:

  • Reduce costs
  • Improve operations
  • Gain complete visibility
Multiple Edge Sites

A single Oper8 Premier Edge Kit can be deployed at 1000’s of remote edge and branch office locations with ‘back to base’ connectivity presenting encrypted sensor data to a single CenterScape Portal. 

Track your assets and environmental conditions across 1000’s of national and global sites in real-time.

Automation & Alerts

The CenterScape platform does the monitoring and alerting for you across any number of connected Edge and remote sites.  Presenting a single management, alerting and reporting portal, CenterScape delivers a web interface available anywhere.

Set thresholds for alerting, create scheduled reports, and build custom dashboards and maps across your enterprise and remote locations.

Monitor Racks & Rooms

Do you have IT and network infrastructure in rooms and closets that are supported by unmanageable, non-networked wall mounted cooling systems and small UPS units?

Need to know that your systems are operating in rooms and racks that provide the right environmental conditions?  The cost effective Oper8 Premier Edge Kit can provide simple wireless sensors across the room or rack to provide real-time visibility of mains power supply, temperature and humidity, and whether the doors to the room or rack are open or closed.

How do you use it?

Deploy the base Oper8 Premier Edge Kit at each remote or Edge site you need visibility of.

Deploy the RF Code CenterScape portal on your server (with appropriate network connectivity) or use an Oper8 Global hosted CenterScape platform (as a service).  RF Readers for Edge sites are configured to up-connect to the chosen CenterScape portal.

Can I expand the Sensors & Licenses?

Absolutely – it’s simple to add additional environmental or asset tracking sensor tags across your Edge sites.  

Just remember you’ll also need to add the additional CenterScape sensor licenses which are priced annual in advance.

Oper8 Global Hosted CenterScape?

Take the support, maintenance and learning curve out of running and configuring CenterScape by using an Oper8 Global hosted CenterScape instance.

Oper8 Global deploys a dedicated CenterScape instance per customer to ensure only your team has visibility of your Edge sites and associated assets.

Monthly or Annual in Advance hosting fees are available.

A Minimum 36 month Term applies.

Unlimited Sites

There are no licensing or restrictions on the number of remote sites than can connect to your CenterScape portal.

Each RF Reader deployed at an Edge location has the capacity to handle approximately 2,000 sensors (environmental or asset tracking).

Unlimited Users

There are no licensing or other limitations on the number of users or user groups configured to access your CenterScape Portal.

Edge Kit

Real-Time Visibility of Any Site

Why RF Code for the Edge?

RF Code delivers a range of wireless asset and environmental sensors that offer fast deployment both across centralised colocation and remote Edge sites.  The Oper8 Premier Edge Kit is an exclusive bundle that simplifies and delivers fully featured RF Code capability across Edge sites in a cost effective manner.

Download the Oper8 Premier Edge Kit Summary.

Deliver full visibility of remote, Edge and hybrid cloud systems cost effectively with the new pricing structure for the Oper8 Premier Edge Kit.

Solution Features

Active RFID Sensors:

  • Wire Free
  • Long battery life (4 years)
  • Provide up to the minute location of assets (when in range of an RF Reader)

RF Reader infrastructure:

  • Long-range (2,500 sqft / 230 sqm)
  • Receive sensor information and provide 1-way transfer to the centralised portal
  • Powered via POE or mains/12V power pack

CenterScape portal software:

  • Easy to use software UI designed to drill down quickly into geographic locations
  • Configurable reports and notification settings
  • Verify & track real-time location of mobile assets from receiving through decommissioning
  • Open APIs for ease of integration with CMDB, ITSM, DCIM and BMS systems
Edge Kit Functionality

Temperature & Humidity

RF Code’s wire-free, easy to deploy environmental sensors provide the visibility and
granularity you need to fine-tune the data centre environment.


Find out the root cause of offline equipment (was it shut down or just unplugged?) and troubleshoot other possible issues. Know if mains power is still supplying your unmanaged UPS.

Fluid Detection

Detect unwanted fluid around your mission critical assets in building risers, comms rooms, network closets and campus network nodes. Power and water don’t mix … detect the risk before it harms your people or your IT systems.

Door Open/Close

Receive alerts and updates across your distributed remote sites as rack or room doors are opened or closed. Know when unexpected access to your critical Edge systems and network nodes has occurred.

IT Assets

Maintain inventory accuracy and eliminate the need to perform time-consuming and error
prone manual audits. Optionally add continuous rack-level location tracking for your critical IT assets across your distributed remote and Edge sites.

Unique Pricing Model

Joint development of the Oper8 Premier Edge Kit with RF Code has resulted in a targeted approach to cost effective monitoring of remote, Edge and small sites. Contact Us for more information on the great pricing available to monitor your sites.

Oper8 Global - RF Code Premiere Solution Partner

How to connect an Edge Site?

Edge sites have been known to be in locations with limited bandwidth and connectivity options.

RF Readers are the gateways between the wireless sensors and the network connecting to the CenterScape Portal. They are optimised to work with collected sensor payloads and deliver (one way traffic) sensor data to CenterScape.

The amount of bandwidth required between an RF Reader and CenterScape is surprisingly small. Connectivity solutions can include:

  • low bandwidth internet connections (ADSL, other)
  • 3G/4G internet services via a small 3G/4G router
  • low bandwidth LAN connections when campus and corporate networks are available.


Where to use Temperature & Humidity Sensors

Deliver visibility of:

  • Front and/or Rear of your IT racks
  • Ambient Room Temperature and Humidity around your IT equipment
  • Supply air to your IT equipment in fully enclosed racks

Alternatively monitor the supply air from wall mounted air conditioners, and view variations in humidity when external doors are opened.

Where to use Dry Contact Sensors

Dry Contact sensors are used to monitor ‘open’ or ‘closed’ circuits (or connections) using the attached two wires.

Commonly used with equipment that have Normally Open / Normally Closed (NO/NC) dry contacts to alert faults or change of state, which include some models of:

  • CRAC Units
  • UPS systems
  • VESDA modules
  • Fire and Smoke Detectors
  • ATS and STS units
  • Diesel Generator Control Modules
Where to use AC Power Sensors

Wrap AC Power velcro sensor tape around power cables to enable visibility of:

  • mains power loss to older or unmanaged UPS units
  • power loss to older or unmanaged air conditioning systems
  • power to critical systems such as fire detection systems and battery chargers
  • unmanaged solar inverter output

AC Power sensors only report power ‘on’ or ‘off’ to CenterScape.

Consider PDU sensors if you require power consumption and/or detailed power metrics at the PDU level.

Where to use Door Sensors

Create visibility of remote rooms and IT racks. Monitor front and rear rack doors, critical closet doors and entries, loading bay and garage doors.

Provide a simple, independent view of double entry doors and fire exits.

Where to use Fluid Sensors

Fluid sensors alert when they detect fluid across the extended tape.  Typical installations include placement:

  • Under cooling units (CRACs and wall mounted air conditioning)
  • Under wet pipe fire suppression pipework
  • Drains and other piping passing through critical rooms or ceiling spaces
  • Near condensate collection points
  • Near fuel refill points
  • On top of IT Racks in Building Risers
Where to deploy RF Readers

The Oper8 Premier Edge Bundle includes the M250 RF Reader to be powered through PoE.  (If PoE is not available, optional 12V DC power power packs are available).

RF Readers should be mounted relatively high in the room or IT rack to be able to read all installed RF sensors.

A single RF Reader will easily cover typical IT Rooms, Micro Data Centres, Building Risers and Wiring Closets.  RF signals pass through metal enclosures including MicroDCs to detect sensor deployed external to the enclosure.