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RF Code Solutions: Wireless Asset Tracking and Environmental Monitoring for Your Data Centre and Assets 

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Applications for the Oper8 Global & RF Code Data Centre & Asset Monitoring Solution 

Oper8 Global’s Data Centre & Asset Monitoring Solutions offer a range of features and benefits, including:

Colocation Monitoring

RF Code’s monitoring solutions provide peace of mind when your equipment is located in someone else’s data centre, enabling you to maintain constant visibility over your assets and ensure their optimal performance and security.

Remote Site Monitoring

RF Code’s wireless sensors are perfect for monitoring remote sites, allowing you to keep track of environmental conditions and asset statuses across various locations, without the need for physical presence.

Core Data Centre Monitoring

Ensuring the efficiency and reliability of your core data centres is crucial. RF Code’s monitoring solutions help maintain optimal environmental conditions and safeguard your critical infrastructure, preventing potential downtime and boosting performance.

Asset Tracking and End-of-Life Management

RF Code’s monitoring solutions enable you to track the real-time location and status of your equipment, facilitating streamlined management of assets throughout their lifecycle, including end-of-life decommissioning and replacement.

Environmental Compliance

RF Code’s sensors help monitor temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors, ensuring that your data centre operates within the required regulatory standards and guidelines, thus avoiding potential fines and penalties.

Security and Access Control

RF Code’s monitoring solutions enable you to track door access within your data centre, detecting unauthorised entries and maintaining compliance, also ensuring that server racks and cabinet doors remain closed to maintain proper cooling and security of your critical infrastructure.

Discover the power of the RF Code Data Centre Monitoring Solution, revolutionising the way you manage your critical infrastructure.

With real-time asset tracking, optimal environmental control, and unparalleled security, you’ll gain total control and peace of mind. Say goodbye to downtime, inefficiencies, and security risks, and hello to a future of streamlined, cost-effective data centre operations. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your data centre experience – fill out the form and learn more about how our cutting-edge RF Code monitoring solutions can help your business today,


RF Code’s CenterScape platform is a multi-layered software solution designed to make data centre management simple and efficient. It starts with sensors running on firmware, which communicate with our gateways powered by a Linux operating system. The data collected is then brought together in our exclusive CenterScape platform, offering an extensive API for easy access.

The CenterScape user interface showcases asset management and environmental monitoring details in user-friendly dashboards, fully customizable based on the user’s needs. Information such as dwell time, inventory accuracy, temperature patterns, and more are displayed in optimized widgets tailored to the data presented.

CenterScape goes beyond the basics by allowing seamless integration with customers’ various operational systems through our open API. Existing integrations with popular DCIM & ITSM platforms are available, and our roadmap continues to grow, ensuring that CenterScape adapts to the ever-evolving data centre landscape.

Versatile Monitoring Solutions: Enhancing Performance and Efficiency Across Diverse Industries

Oper8 Global has helped a broad range of industries manage their critical infrastructure 


RF Code solutions can be utilised in the mining industry to monitor environmental conditions and track valuable assets, ensuring worker safety, optimising equipment performance, and minimising downtime.


Financial institutions can benefit from RF Code monitoring solutions to secure sensitive data centres and maintain optimal environmental conditions, protecting critical financial data and ensuring regulatory compliance.


Healthcare facilities can leverage RF Code’s monitoring technology to maintain ideal environmental conditions and track critical medical equipment, ensuring the safety of patients and the reliability of life-saving devices.


Telecommunication companies can use RF Code solutions to monitor remote and core data centres, tracking equipment status and maintaining optimal environmental conditions to ensure uninterrupted network connectivity and performance.


RF Code’s monitoring solutions can be employed in manufacturing facilities to track assets, manage equipment lifecycles, and maintain appropriate environmental conditions, contributing to overall operational efficiency and productivity.

Energy & Utilities

Energy and utility companies can implement RF Code monitoring technology to oversee their data centres and remote facilities, maintaining optimal conditions, tracking valuable assets, and ensuring the security and reliability of critical infrastructure.

Enhance Your Data Centre Experience with Expert Monitoring, Maintenance, and Security Solutions with Oper8 Global

Discover Oper8 Global’s Comprehensive Suite of Services:

Data Centre Maintenance

Oper8 Global offers the full range of data centre operational, maintenance, monitoring and proactive management services, including:

  • Site Assessment and Financial Feasibility for Data Centre Development Projects
  • Operational management, monitoring and incident management
  • Scheduled Maintenance of the Data Centre and all related components
  • And more

Data Centre Security

Oper8 Global specialises in designing and managing comprehensive security for your Data Centre, ensuring protection from “Gate to Rack.” Our solutions include:

  • CCTV monitoring
  • SafeG8 (Rack-Mounted Safe)
  • SR Rated Enclosures
  • IP66 Rated Enclosures

Trust Oper8 Global for end-to-end data centre security tailored to your unique needs.

Other Oper8 Global Data Centre Solutions 

Oper8 Global’s has a Data Centre Solution for all applications and industries; 

Micro Data Centre

  • Fast deployment and scalable Data Centre solutions
  • Ideal for small spaces and remote locations.
  • Security-rated enclosures, including IP66, SR3, SR4, and SR5, with optional EMI/RF shielding

High-Performance Compute

  • Data Centre solutions designed for data-intensive applications and industries
  • Capable of delivering over 120kW per rack as dedicated computing power
  • Ideal for AI, big data analytics, and scientific research applications

Prefabricated Data Centres

  • Fast deployment and scalable Data Centre solutions
  • Custom steel enclosures with weight-bearing floors and roofs
  • Security-rated enclosures, including SR3, SR4, and SR5, with optional EMI/RF shielding

Custom Modular Data Centre

  • Tailored Data Centre solutions built into existing rooms in office buildings or warehouses
  • Seamless integration into pre-existing spaces without compromising on performance
  • Scalable and adaptable to suit unique infrastructure requirements


Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the RF Code Data Centre Monitoring Solution?

The RF Code Data Centre Monitoring Solution is a comprehensive data centre infrastructure management tool. It offers real-time, granular monitoring of all aspects of your data centre, from environmental conditions to asset management.

How does the RF Code solution improve data centre efficiency?

By providing real-time visibility into your data centre’s operations, RF Code allows you to identify and rectify inefficiencies, reduce operational costs, and improve overall performance. It offers crucial insights into power usage, environmental conditions, and asset location, helping you optimise your resources.

Does the RF Code solution support remote monitoring?

Yes, the RF Code solution supports remote monitoring, allowing you to keep an eye on your data centre operations from anywhere, at any time. This is especially beneficial for managing multiple data centres across different locations.

Can I integrate the RF Code solution with my existing IT infrastructure?

Absolutely. The RF Code solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing IT infrastructure. This ensures smooth implementation and minimal disruption to your operations.

What kind of assets can the RF Code solution monitor?

The RF Code solution can monitor a wide variety of assets, including servers, network equipment, power supplies, cooling units, and more. It also tracks the location of these assets in real-time, helping prevent loss or misplacement.

How does the RF Code solution enhance asset management?

RF Code’s real-time asset tracking and management capabilities make it easier to keep track of your assets and their status. This helps prevent loss, reduce downtime, and optimise asset utilisation.

What kind of alerts does the RF Code solution provide?

RF Code provides alerts for a variety of conditions, including temperature, humidity, power outages, and asset movement. These alerts can be customised to suit your needs and can be delivered via email, SMS, or through the platform’s dashboard.

Can the RF Code solution help reduce my data centre’s energy consumption?

Yes. By providing detailed insights into your data centre’s power usage and environmental conditions, the RF Code solution helps you identify areas where energy usage can be reduced, potentially leading to significant cost savings and a smaller carbon footprint.