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Modius DCIM Solutions

Enable non-contact management, monitoring and alerting of your Critical Data Centre & IT Systems

The fully integrated Modius OpenData DCIM platform enables complete visibility of your IT and Data Centre Systems and complements Oper8’s Operational Management Solutions 

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Improving Visibility and Management or your Systems

Take the worry out of data centre and IT systems management through improved tools that are designed to keep watch over your critical infrastructure.

Keeping track of every piece of critical infrastructure, from utilisation to uptime can become difficult to manage when requiring multiple systems and tools.  A fully integrated DCIM solution can simplify and present a single consolidated view of your systems, and truly help manage what you’re now able to measure.

Typical Projects

Businesses have common requirements regarding improved Infrastructure Visibility

Optional Modules

From Monitoring, Alerting, Analytics and Assets to Power and Thermal Management

About Licensing

Single and Mult-Site, Perpetual & Subscription, with unlimited Data Points per Licensed Device

Improve Operational Visibility

Manage what you Measure

Multi-Protocol Monitoring

SNMP – Modbus – BacNet

Distributed Sites - Single View

Supports Edge & Colo

Remote Data Collection

Low-bandwidth aware Data Collectors

Centralised System Portal

Web enabled management and reporting

Secure Communications

Encrypted channels, ACLs and X.509 Certificates

We Create Fully Integrated Visibility, Monitoring and Alerting of your Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

The Modius OpenData platform works with Oper8 IoT Gateways, Oper8 EMS appliances, and can integrate with RFCode wireless solutions to deliver non-touch surveillance of your critical systems.

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Typical Projects & Reasons to Implement

Oper8 DCIM projects enable customers to increase visibility of their Data Centre infrastructure and IT Systems across distributed locations.

Current Solution Not Meeting Business Requirements

When reviewing your current Infrastructure Management tools, your ‘wish list‘ of features has become too long which highlights the tools are no longer meeting your business needs.

In the current world of distributed sites, from on-premise legacy and new Edge sites, to colocation, campus systems and research platforms, platforms need to be architected from the ground up to enable business visibility and simplified management.

Require New Functionality and Features of Integrated DCIM

With the range of features available through Modius OpenData and it’s optional Modules, the value of an integrated DCIM solution extends through to new insights, visibility and analytics.  Having the ability to see issues before they occur delivers signficant benefit to your business.

Enabling no touch systems surveillance with smart alerting and trend analysis makes operational management easier.

Early DCIM System Replacement

For organisations who deployed early DCIM tools (the early adopters) that have possibly been left behind with outdated systems that no longer meet your business and management needs.

An upgrade to a modern, mature, fully integrated DCIM solution which provides multi-protocol, easy to deploy distributed site infrastructure performance visibility can bring infrastructure visibility and analytics to your fingertips.

Expanding to Enable Visibility of Distributed Sites

Not all DCIM tools are multi-site capable or low-bandwidth aware.  Expanding your DCIM solution across multiple sites can be expensive depending on the licensing model of the DCIM solution.

With Modius OpenData Enterprise Edition, you can rollout a consistent global view of your infrastruture across an unlimited number of sites.

The Modius OpenData Collectors can be deployed on Oper8 IoT Gateways for simple deployment in remote locations, while the Collector features data aggregation, communications encryption with low bandwidth overhead.

BMS or DCIM No Longer Supported

Every system has a lifecycle, which creates the opportunity to upgrade your operational management, BMS and DCIM systems to a modern, mature and scalable DCIM platform.

Scaling out to 10’s of thousands of devices across globally distributed sites wasn’t feasible years ago, while delivering class leading DCIM functionality for even the smallest of data centres was never a consideration.

Oper8 Global and Oper8 (Australia) offers Modius OpenData solutions and support across EMEA, LATAM and the Asia Pacific.

Require Secure Multi-Tenant Visibility of Related Systems

The need to only share and present specific information with your tenants, distributed business entities, or country/branch offices through a single integrated platform that ensures security of the underlying information is a challenge many organisations face – whether a colocation operator, global data centre support team, or a campus infrastruture and operations team.

Enabling related information sharing and dashboards that are only applicable to a specific group or entity without opening the whole dataset to other parties is a key feature of the optional Modius OpenData Customer Portal Module.

BMS Not Capable of Integrating with New Devices across Sites

The ability to connect, retrieve data points and aggregate data irrespective of protocol (whether Modbus, BacNet or SNMP) across one or more sites, and integrate the collected information into a single centralised web-enabled portal for analytics, reporting and alerting is a key capability of Modius OpenData.

Existing BMS or DCIM Too Expensive to Retain / Maintain

Existing BMS and DCIM systems that have ‘aged out’ over time may be getting too expensive to maintain, and may require significant investment to upgrade and retain.

Some systems simply don’t have the features, remote site capabilities, and web-enabled management tools needed by the modern data centre and IT infrastructure manager.

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Use preconfigured Device Templates or create your device templates to enable fast and consistent deployment across multiple devices and sites.

Device templates already exist for many vendor solutions, including APC, Caterpillar, Cummins, Dell, GE, Kohler, Liebert, MGE, Mitsubishi, Raritan, Rittal, Servertech, Siemens, Square D, Stulz and Toshiba.  Please note this is a partial list.

If your vendor isn’t mentioned above, please contact Oper8 to review your vendor requirements.

With a library of XML templates for easy device on-boarding, you can also use an included Wizard to start monitoring your devices.

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Create and monitor computed or virtual data points that you can create through a Simple Calculator Interface. Modius OpenData enables multi-device calculations to enable high-level metrics including Totals, Averages, Minimum and Maximum with user selectable Units.

View charts using a range of options including Line, Bar and Column, Pie, Area, Scatter and Combination (Bar and Line, Scatter and Line).  Find the best chart presentation option that best aligns with your visual requirements.

Trace power and data network connections across your sites, rooms and assets.

OpenData integrates with Oper8’s monitoring, asset management and alerting systems, including RFCode, Oper8 EMS and IoT Gateways. Oper8 can design, deploy and manage total turnkey and operational management solutions.

Modius OpenData Modules

The flexibility of Modius OpenData is reinforced through your selection of licensed Modules that meet your particularly needs.  Ranging from Monitoring and Alerting through to Power Chain metrics, the choice of features, functionality and licensing costs are yours.

Monitoring and Alarming

Information is on its way – Contact Oper8 to discuss in the meantime.

Reporting and Analytics

Information is on its way – Contact Oper8 to discuss in the meantime.

Environmental Management

Information is on its way – Contact Oper8 to discuss in the meantime.

Power Management

Information is on its way – Contact Oper8 to discuss in the meantime.

Asset Management

Information is on its way – Contact Oper8 to discuss in the meantime.

Customer Portal (Multi Tenant) Module

Information is on its way – Contact Oper8 to discuss in the meantime.

Thermal Management

Information is on its way – Contact Oper8 to discuss in the meantime.

Integrated Workflow Module

User-configurable BPMN2.0 compliant workflow.

More information is on its way – Contact Oper8 to discuss in the meantime.

Help Desk Module

Information is on its way – Contact Oper8 to discuss in the meantime.

SNMP Trap Up Module

This module enables data points across the OpenData connected devices (being monitored) to be presented using SNMP to other systems including BMS and CMDB platforms.

Modius OpenData Licensing

Licensing Modius OpenData, whether required for a small data centre or multiple facilities and colocation sites across the globe, Oper8 can align a licensing model that is right-sized for your business.

How is Modius OpenData Licensed

Modius OpenData is licensed by Portal Edition (Standard or Enterprise), the number of Devices and the number of Modules you require. 

Devices are licensed by the categorised Type (A, B, or C) of Device. Oper8 can help you allocate and determine your Device Types for licensing.

OpenData licensing offers:

  • Unlimited Data points per licensed Device
  • Unlimited Sites (Enterprise Edition only)
  • Unlimited Data Collectors (deployed across your facilities, optionally using Oper8 IoT Gateways)
  • Unlimited Users and Groups
  • Unlimited Tenants (Multi-Tenant Module only)
Perpetual or Subscription Licensing Options

You can purchase Modius OpenData under a Perpetual License for deployment on your hardware platforms.  Oper8 recommends an Annual Maintenance program is also purchased, either:

  • Updates Only
  • Upgrades and Updates

Annual Subscription Licensing is available for both Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition, noting:

  • Minimum 36 month term applies
  • Invoicing and Payment Annual in Advance
  • Includes Upgrades and Updates software maintenance
Standard Edition (SE) - Single Site

An infrastructure monitoring and data collection solution for single-sites:

  • Unlimited support for all networked infrastructure
  • Embedded MS-SQL Express Database (MS SQL Express maximum size applies)
  • Multiple levels of Alert Escalation
  • Fully upgradeable to Enterprise Edition
Enterprise Edition (EE) - Multiple Sites

A complete Data Centre Infrastructure Management solution for multiple sites, with the following Optional Modules:

  • Dynamic Power Management (DPM Module)
  • Complete Asset Management (AMM Module)
  • Advanced Analytics (Charts and Dashboards)
  • Advanced Integration Support (Database, APIs)
Data Centre Visibility

Why Modius OpenData

Consolidated Solution for Non Contact Visibility

Covers All Equipment

Open Standard & Multi Vendor: everything from the “server chassis to the mechanical yard”

Covers Multiple Sites

Enterprise Edition supports unlimited sites in real-time. Multisite monitoring for distibuted locations from large data centres, to MicroDCs, server closets and Modular Edge facilities.

Simple to Deploy

Get Started with Oper8, and a library of XML templates for easy device on-boarding (or wizard for new devices), and enterprise data normalisation.

Low-cost to Maintain

User selectable licensing and maintenance costs, with no licencing costs for users, data points or sites.

Massively Scalable

Built for distributed data collection (unlimited number of collection hubs) and edge analytics.


Integrated Analytics

Standard data model and analytics tools enables user defined investigation.


Vendor Agnostic

Monitor, analyse and report on any device that presents data using Modbus, BacNet, SNMP or Dry Contact.


Comprehensive Support

Oper8 Global and Oper8 (Australia) offer a range of support options to assist with your Modius OpenData deployment.