Key Partners

Oper8 Global has chosen a range of Key Partners to help align right-sized Edge, Hybrid, and High-Performance Data Centre Solutions with Security and Data Protection for our customers.

Key Partners

Our Key Partners enable complementary expertise to be delivered to Oper8 Global customers.

Oper8 Global highly values Key Partnerships with our Strategic Partners.

Thales Cloud Security

Data and Identity Protection solutions with PayShield, General Purpose HSM, DPOD and the CipherTrust Data Security Platform.

Award: Thales Accelerate 2021 APAC Rising Star

Only Australian-Owned Thales Platinum Partner


Managing IT and Data Centre assets can be labour intensive and can quickly become outdated when using simple spreadsheets. Wireless asset tags can maintain real-time visibility of where your assets are located.

Award: Oper8 Global was awarded the Global Integration Partner of the Year in 2022


Global colocation data centre solutions complement Oper8’s edge and hybrid customer data centre models, enabling Oper8’s advantage, hybrid and modular data centre solutions colocation and cloud gateway functionality with an extensive connectivity framework.

Strategic Directions

The sole focus of the Strategic Directions Group is to help Clients align their ICT Strategies with the business, improve operational efficiency, and maximise the return on their ICT investment.


Data Centre infrastructure, enclosure and solution manufacturing – working closely with Oper8 Global to design Edge and HPC solutions that closely aligns with innovative Oper8 customer solutions.

Oper8 Global - Dell Partner


Oper8 Global expands our Edge and Hybrid IT solutions through Dell Technologies OEM enabled platforms. Offering global support and maintenance capabilities through Oper8 Global’s support services.


With this partnership, we can now provide our customers with an extensive range of energy-efficient cooling solutions..


CTERA is the distributed cloud file storage leader, powering more than 50,000 enterprise locations and millions of corporate users.


Australian focussed colocation data centre capacity across Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth enabling Oper8 edge, hybrid and modular data centre solutions backup, replication and cloud gateway functionality.


Waterless Direct-To-Chip Liquid Cooling for Artificial Intelligence and High-Performance Computing


Flexible range of right-sized UPS, STS and ATS solutions that neatly fit with Oper8 Global’s range of Edge, Hybrid and Modular data centre solutions.


Working with HPE solutions under the OEM Integrator partner program enables Oper8 Global data centre solutions to support business critical server, storage and HPC platforms.


Supporting Oper8’s data centre customers in the protection of their mission critical data stored and managed across Edge, Colocation and Cloud solutions. World-class HSM solutions perform cryptographic functions including generating, managing and storing encryption and signing keys.


Fully featured DCIM solution that complements Oper8’s EMS platforms and IoT Gateways, while also featuring as an RFCode technology integration partner.

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Solution Partners

Extending the reach, capabilities and system inclusions then can be deployed in turn-key customer solutions helps align Oper8’s approach with customer needs.


Service Provider Subscription Licensing


Diesel Generator and Emergency Power options


Structured Cabling Solutions

Fracht Group

Global freight and logistics

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Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Are other Consulting Services available?

Yes we can. Oper8 Global uses a combination of our own team with support from specialist partners and subcontractors as required.

Can Oper8 Global provide on-premise maintenance services?

Yes – we support Edge, Hybrid and HPC solutions whether at your premise, your colocation site or in one of our partner colocation sites.

Can Oper8 Global help with Asset Management?

Yes – through our Partnerships with RFCode, our online asset management solution includes wireless and infrared sensors that can track the locations of your key assets across racks, rooms and buildings.  Using back-to-base data synchronisation, you always know where your assets are physically located.  The online portal provides quick access to registered users to perform asset management functions quickly.

Can you do Wireless Environmental Monitoring?

Yes – Oper8 Global uses the RFCode range of wireless environmental sensors to provide a multi-site, multi-room monitoring solution. Check our Oper8 Global – Operations Services.

What is a HSM?

HSM, or Hardware Security Modules, are hardened, tamper-resistant hardware appliances used to safeguard digital keys, and perform a range of secure crypto functions, including generating keys, encryption/decryption of digital signatures and data, and enabling strong authentication and digital signature verification capabilities.  Some HSMs are certified at various FIPS 140-2 levels. Oper8 Global offers netG8 (general purpose) and payG8 services (payment card industry), which include HSM as a Service option.

Do you deliver remote maintenance services?

Yes – Oper8 Global works with local partners to help deliver remote onsite maintenance services for customer data centre solutions. Check our Oper8 Global – Operations Services for more information.

Can I become a Local Maintenance Partner for Oper8 Global?

Oper8 Global looks forward to discussing your capabilities and how you can help us support our customer solutions.  Contact Us to start the conversation.

Why do I need a Data Hub in a Smart City?

While cloud services can facilitate many IT applications and services, cloud data centres are typically located in a large metro or capital cities, often located 100’s to thousands of kilometres away.  Many Smart Cities prefer to maintain IT skills and data centre capacity in the city to retain jobs and expertise that can help attract diverse business investment.  Similarly, many IT systems and applications are better served with local data centre capacity with commoditised Cloud and SaaS applications also supporting the businesses in your city.