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payG8 payShield Solutions

Oper8 Global offers payG8 Payment HSM solutions based on the class leading Thales payShield HSM solution.

payG8-as-a-Service offers multi-cloud support through Equinix global data centres.


Oper8 Global is the global provider delivering Thales payShield Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) through the payG8 Service across the Equinix global data centre environment. 

Offering high levels of physical and logical security with high availability options, the Oper8 Global payG8-as-a-Service delivers dedicated Payment HSMs where you need them in support of your multi-cloud and hybrid environments.

Redundancy and Resilience Options

Redundancy of your payG8-as-a-Service nodes include:

  • Distributed Data Centre based nodes
  • Multiple payG8 nodes per Data Centre
  • Dedicated, separate Test and Development payG8 node

Solutions can include resilience levels at N, N+1, 2N and N+N across one or more data centres.

Equinix Data Centres - Globally

Oper8 Global prefer to deploy our payG8 nodes in Equinix data centres that are connected to the global Equinix Fabric service.

Offering high levels of physical security in high-availabilit data centres further enhances the availability of your payG8 solution.

payG8 Solutions

Delivering Thales payShield solutions to payment HSM customers, including options for management, monitoring and support.

Thales payShield 10K
  • the world’s leading Payment HSM, helping to secure an estimated 80% of global point of sale (POS) transactions
  • is the HSM of choice for payment solution providers and payment technology vendors delivering proven integration with all leading payment applications
  • payShield 10K is the 5th generation of the Thales payShield Payment HSM platform. It is backward compatible with the payShield 9000 (9K) to ensure protection of customer investments
PCI Compliance

Oper8 Global’s payG8 infrastructure helps ensure PCI DSS and PCI PIN compliance of your payment transaction HSMs. On-demand compliance reporting is available across the Thales payShield and payG8 networking platforms.

Your Obligations

You maintain the following security and connectivity obligations:

  • the Custodian role, including the security of the Thales Trusted Management Devices (TMDs)
  • connectivity to your systems, your customer networks and cloud platforms, and related service fees
  • Network security at your site(s)
  • Oper8 Global payG8 subscription and setup fees


payShield HSM

Key Features

As the HSM of choice for payment solution providers and payment technology vendors, Thales payShield HSMs deliver proven integration with all of the leading payment applications.

payShield from Thales is the world’s leading Payment HSM, helping to secure an estimated 80% of global point of sale (POS) transactions.

payShield 10K is the fifth generation of the Thales Payment HSM platform. It is backward compatible with the payShield 9000 to ensure investments customers have made are protected.

Oper8 Global deploys payShield Monitor to maintain high levels of availability and capacity planning across the payG8-as-a-Service.

Subscription Based Billing


  • Removal of capital expenses for your business
  • Monthly subscription costs relative to your aligned payG8 solution (including connectivity, location, capacity and resilience level)
  • Reduced cost of ownership, management and specialist skills retention and training
payG8 Platform
  • Backed by Oper8 Global’s key partners Equinix and Thales
  • Hosted in high security, high availability data centres
  • Dedicated payG8 network nodes and Equinix Fabric 10Gbps port per node
  • Optional redundancy levels at N, N+1, 2N, N+N, offering up to 99.999% uptime availability
  •  Optional test and development payG8 nodes with your choice of payShield capacity options
payG8 Service


  • Dedicated payShield appliance(s) within integrated payG8 nodes allocated solely for your payment applications use
  • Optional Thales TMD
  • payShield Monitor and Network Security Monitor managed and maintained by Oper8 Global
  • Multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud ready network platform
  • Thales payShield Manager
  • Equinix Fabric port per payG8 node
Thales Payment HSM Solution
Thales TMD

Oper8 Global

by Design



Your data and your keys are managed, owned and controlled by you.



Your keys and the payG8 platform is operated from and located in your country and legal jurisdiction of choice.



payG8 nodes and associated payShield appliances are dedicated for your sole use.


Partner Integrated

payG8 is delivered worldwide with Oper8 Global’s key partners in Thales and Equinix.

Oper8 Global – Thales Platinum Partner

Oper8 Global is pleased to work with Thales Security as a Platinum Partner offering CipherTrust Data Security Platform solutions to our mutual customers.

Platinum Partner

Oper8 Global has committed to training of our sales and technical support teams while proactively working with Thales Security to ensure customer solutions are aligned to business and data security objectives.

2021 Award (APAC): Thales Accelerate Rising Star

Oper8 Global was pleased to accept the 2021 APAC Thales Accelerate Rising Star Partner Award following a great 2020 and early start to 2021 with our existing and new security customers.

Multicloud Support 

Adopting Oper8 Global’s payG8 Service allows organisations to adopt a single, consistent key management platform across all application hosting zones, and cloud service provider platforms.

Whether your payment applications and processes reside on-premise, in edge data centres, colocation facilities, or any private or public cloud service platform, connectivity via Equinix Fabric can provide direct access to your dedicated payG8 enabled Thales payShield HSMs.