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Freight & Logistics

Oper8 Global can deliver Edge, HPC, Modular and Hybrid solutions worldwide.

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Freight and Logistics

From Oper8 to Your Site

Oper8 can arrange freight and logistics from our warehouse and partner distribution points to your nominated site location or delivery address. Whether requiring sea, air, rail or road freight, Oper8 and our logistics partners can arrange end-to-end delivery.

With international freight, we recommend discussing the most appropriate INCO Terms that aligns our proposed solution with your Country’s import duties and Customs clearance processes.


Oper8 complies with Country specific embargos and sanctions.

Moving your Infrastructure On Arrival

Delivery to curb side is a common phrase and limitation included in many supplier quotes and orders. While this may meet your project and site requirements, Oper8 Global can work with you to ensure your solution is moved into it’s final commissioning location.  

Local site logistics may require cranes, forklifts, pallet jacks, trolleys or other lifting equipment depending on the install area.  

Please discuss the ‘end-to-end’ logistics model with your Oper8 Global representative.


Sea Freight (International)

While sea freight can handle larger items, please note longer delivery times may apply.

Air Freight (International & Domestic)

Limitations may apply pending size, weight and whether materials are deemed dangerous goods.

Road and Rail (Domestic + EMEA)

Generally used on domestic routes, and land connected countries.

Global Freight and Risk Insurance

Oper8 maintains International Freight and Shipping Insurance, however, we suggest customers should confirm what items are covered during order placement.

Dangerous Goods Compliance

While most Edge, HPC and Modular solutions don’t contain DG items, some UPS batteries and Fire Suppresion retardants may be deemed dangerous during shipping.