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The Oper8 Environment Management System offers real-time monitoring, alerting and logic-controlled outputs. Perfect for Ege and Hybrid Data Centre Sites

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Oper8 EMS

Oper8 EMS systems provide a solution to supervise the environmental conditions and security in IT racks and Edge, Hybrid and Modulare Data Centres.

The Oper8 EMS – 16D, our most feature-filled model, includes sensors that monitor the internal temperature and humidity of the unit, giving readings that can be used as an estimate for the conditions of other nearby rack components.

All models are capable of monitoring external RS485 sensors and additional digital contact-type sensors (often called open-collector, contact-closure, relay-style, normal-open, or normal-closed). All sensors are sold separately, and are available from Oper8 Global.

Oper8 EMS units include output relays to control devices such as door locks, keypads, and circulation fans. The EMS – 16D and EMS – 5DB also include outputs to control an alarm siren and/or beacon.

3 Models available (2DB, 5DB, 16D)

Combined Temperature & Humidity Sensors

Electrical Power Sensors (Voltage & Quality)

Fluid Sensors from 3m to 50m

Door, Ceiling PIR and Air Velocity Sensors

Downloadable Manual

Download Oper8 Device Discovery Tool


Oper8 EMS – 16D

The EMS – 16D includes the ability to be polled by SNMP to present all sensor and relay states, and to act as a Modbus Slave to present the state of device inputs and relay status.

Oper8 EMS - 16D


  • Web Interface
  • User Account Management with Group Level Permissions
  • Multi-level alerts via Email or SMS 
  • SNMP and Modbus sensor data
  • Logic control of Output Relays
  • Logic control of Siren/Beacon

Oper8 EMS - 16D (Front View)

On the front:

  • 19″ Rack Mount (1RU)
  • Internal Battery
  • Dual Power Supply LEDs
  • Low Battery Alert LED
  • Internal Alert LED
  • Check Log LED

Oper8 EMS - 16D (Rear Ports)

Rear Ports:

  • Dual Power Supplies
  • 16 x RJ45 Digital Inputs
  • 8 x 2-Wire Digital Inputs
  • 4 x NO/NC Relay Outputs
  • 2 x USB ports
  • RJ45 Cascade Ports
  • Siren/Beacon Output


  • EMS 16 – D
  • EMS 5-DB
  • EMS 2-DB
  • EMS Micro-T*

* integrated temperature sensor


  • Temperature
  • Combined Temp / Humidity
  • Wide-Range Combined Temp / Humidity
  • Door Sensor
  • Leak Detection (3m to 50m)

Power Sensors

  • High Voltage sensor (230VAC)
  • Medium Voltage detector (0 – 60V)
  • Low Voltage sensor (0 to 5V)
  • Current Sensor (4 – 20mA)
  • 3-Phase Power Transducer
  • Dual Power Quality Monitor
  • Power Quality Monitor with a 10A Switched Outlet with Relay

IO Modules

  • Alarm Beacon
  • Magnetic Lock (Locked with Power Off)
  • Magnetic Lock (Failsafe, Locked with Power On)
  • Industrial GSM Modem
  • Automatic Voice Dialer


Integration and Alternatives

Oper8 IoT Gateway

Can work with the EMS systems as the local IoT Data aggregation point, particularly if there are other multiprotocol devices at the local site.


Oper8 Global uses the EMS – 16D models in our managed data centre solutions. Maintenance is included under Operational Service Agreements.

Install & Setup

Oper8 can install, configure and test EMS solutions in your data centres, and setup alerting profiles and SMS / Email alerts.


Up to 16 users can access the EMS –  16D at the same time with full access logging. Group-based access security and alerting is enabled.


Oper8 EMS solutions are available globally, including through select distribution partners across Asia Pacific, EMEA and Latin America.


Working with Key Partners

Oper8 Global Solutions can be delivered, managed and supported across the Asia Pacific through Oper8 Pty Ltd (Australia)

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