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Centralised is not always the answer


The IT industry proves time and again that a simple centralised or decentralised approach does not last the ravages of time. Customers need data centre capacity anywhere the business requires.

Oper8 Global has aligned a range of data centre solutions for on-premise deployment to complement your cloud and/or colocation data centre strategy.

As we’ve all come to realise, again (since the last IT industry decentralisation cycle), locating core business and industrial platforms in centralised locations, possibly located 100km away (or 1,000km away if you’re in Australia) is not always the best fit for your business.

Edge computing has been trending now for a couple of years, with everyone from Gartner to IDC confirming the need to consider the location of your data aggregation, local decision systems, IoT pre-processing and performance due to communications latency. 

Gartner noted in July 2018 (Market Guide for Edge Computing Solutions for Industrial IoT, ID G00332905), that

  • Edge computing solutions in industrial settings are poised for rapid growth and innovation, driven by the need for real-time insights and localized action.
  • Invest in computing solutions near the source of data generation at the edge to reduce the need to send all data to the cloud, which reduces network costs and aids in processing and reacting to data locally.
  • Evaluate edge computing solutions that provide a ready-to-deploy solution stack with minimal requirements for customization for simple use cases.
  • Rely on system integrators to build custom solutions (for complex requirements) that may involve a unique set of sensor or edge devices, algorithms and visualization capabilities in order to offset various vendor risks.
  • Procure edge computing solutions that implement data processing within the device, gateway or edge server or combination of these in order to address varying degrees of analytics and local decision-making requirements.

The statements above align to Industrial IoT, and they remain relevant in 2020 with further application for organisations focused on improving service delivery, real-time business analytics, and innovative process automation solutions.

In all scenarios the underlying assumption is that there’s somewhere to securely locate, operate and connect the systems at the ‘Edge’. With the definition of ‘edge’ being specific to your business, it therefore suggests the edge is where-ever you need it.

Oper8 Global and its partners have been designing, deploying and managing Edge, HPC, Modular and Hybrid Cloud data centre solutions across EMEA, Australia and the Pacific Islands.  We have the experience and first hand knowledge to help manage data centre solutions that are right-sized to your business, anywhere.

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