About Oper8 Global

Discover Our Journey: Pioneering Global Data Security Solutions Since 2012

Oper8 Global is a leader in Data Centre & Cyber Security solutions, worldwide.

Established in 2012, Oper8 Global is an Australian and United Kingdom-based company providing superior data security infrastructure solutions.

With reseller partnerships across the Pacific, the UK, Paraguay, and Poland, and potential collaborations in Dubai and Fiji, Oper8 Global has demonstrated strong growth and a future-oriented strategy.

Created from Over Six Decades of Industry Knowledge and Expertise

Customers in Formula 1, Finance, Government, Telecommunications, Education, Research and Enterprise

Uptime Institute Tier Certified Data Centre Designers & ANSI Certified Data Centre Auditors

A global presence, with Offices in Brisbane, Australia & Oxford, United Kingdom

Created on the back of 60+ Years Experience

Founded in April 2012, Oper8 Global embarked on its journey as a pioneering force in the world of data security infrastructure. With its origins in Brisbane, Australia, the company has been consistently focused on serving businesses worldwide with their data centre, cybersecurity, and professional service needs.

Celebrating a decade of industry-leading service in 2022, Oper8 Global has held steadfast to its core principle of providing superior data security infrastructure solutions. By doing so, the company has freed its clients to focus their energies on their own specialisations, free from the distractions of managing their own data security needs.

A key milestone in Oper8 Global’s journey was the establishment of an office in Oxford, UK in November 2019. This strategic move was designed to expand the company’s reach across the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region and marked the beginning of Oper8 Global’s transformation into a truly global entity.

Not limiting itself to these key locations, Oper8 Global exports its robust solutions across the Pacific and New Zealand from its APAC head office. This strong performance led the company to be named as a finalist in the Queensland Export Awards in 2021 and 2022, in two categories. These commendations speak volumes about the company’s commitment to quality and consistent high growth.

The company’s dedication to building robust partnerships also stands as a testament to its success. Oper8 Global’s partner network includes reseller partners across the Paciifc, the UK, Paraguay, and Poland. Further pushing the boundaries, the company is currently negotiating new partnerships in Dubai and Fiji, a clear sign of its ambitious vision for expansion.

The company’s future-oriented strategy, customer-focused approach, and commitment to excellence have been key drivers in its success story. The ability to adapt to changing business landscapes while keeping data security at the core of its operations has established Oper8 Global as a trusted name in the industry.

As Oper8 Global continues its journey, the company holds a strong position to explore new frontiers in the ever-evolving world of data security, continuously proving its worth as a provider of exceptional data security infrastructure solutions

Why work with Oper8 Global

Created Over a Collective Six Decades of Industry Knowledge and Expertise

Delivering Right-Sized Solutions: Oper8 Global uniquely tailors solutions to align with each customer’s specific needs, leveraging a comprehensive blend of form, function, and cost.

Decades of Experience: With over 60 years of industry experience and a track record of more than 10 years in Edge & HPC Solutions, Oper8 Global ensures robust and reliable services.

Trusted Key Partners: Our key partners, renowned globally, support our innovative solutions and acknowledge our expertise in delivering customer-centric projects.

Global Reach: Having launched in Australia in 2012 and expanded into the EMEA region in late 2019, Oper8 Global operates a ‘follow the sun’ support model, ensuring constant assistance for your needs.

In-House Product Development: With our own manufacturing and product development capabilities, we can provide solutions that complement our extensive offering.

Multi-Currency Enabled and Ready for Global Export: Our globally-oriented business model facilitates international transactions, making us an ideal partner for businesses operating across multiple geographies.

Our Key Solutions

Created Over a Collective Six Decades of Industry Knowledge and Expertise

Data Centre Solutions

Oper8 Global’s comprehensive Data Centre Solutions deliver an impressive suite of services, which include Modular and Micro Data Centres, High Availability and Security Enclosures, Harsh Environment Enclosures with robust IP and SR Ratings, Integrated Monitoring Services, and cutting-edge High Performance Compute Solutions.

Cyber Security Solutions

Oper8 Global provides an extensive array of Cyber Security Product, including robust encrypted data solutions, comprehensive certificate lifecycle management, state-of-the-art encryption key solutions, advanced electronic access control and CCTV, and secure encryption over networks.

Professional Services

Oper8 Global offers the design, auditing, and optimisation of data centres, flexible ‘As a Service’ and finance solutions, meticulously managed IT services, as well as highly effective maintenance and asset management.

Our Global Team

Mike Andrea

Global Chief Executive Officer

Cofounder and Director with over 35 years of experience in the IT and Data Centre industry.

GAICD, CCEO, Dip App SC, Fellow CEO Institute

Chris Goldstone

Chief Operating Officer

Over 35+ years ICT Industry experience, with roles including CIO in local Council, and board roles in Private Education sector. BAppSc/Maths, GAICD

Simon Gardner

Global Chief Technology Officer

Over 33 years of experience in the Data Centre Industry.

MBA BSc Hons (Oxon) C.Eng, ANSI TIA-942 Certified Lead Designer & Auditor

Andrew Stoakes

General Manager (APAC)

Over 25 years of experience in the Data Centre Industry.

Australian Academic Advisory Board – Data Centres

Chris Carr

Chief Revenue Officer

Over 12 years of Data Centre and Business Development Experience. Specialising in the Government and Defence sector.

Jasmine O’Reilly

Corporate Services Manager

Certified Public Accountant and seasoned Senior Finance Business Partner, carries a wealth of expertise accumulated from over a decade across industries like retail, small business, and utilities.

Kate Blanchard

Administrative Assistant

An office professional with over 2 years experience.

Sophie Gardner

Operations Manager (EMEA)

With 10 years of industry experience Sophie has a wealth of knowledge and skills in managing and streamlining business processes to increase efficiency and productivity.

Darcy Caiger

Management Accountant (EMEA)

Over 10 years of accounting experiance.

Andrew Caiger

Technical Director (EMEA)

Over 30 years designing and deploying modular, prefabricated data centre solutions across a range of industries including Formula 1, Nuclear Power Stations, UK National Health Service, and Public Health England.

Tom Gardner

Business Development Manager (EMEA)

Over 10 years’ experience within the Data Centre industry focusing on Design and Build. Tom has delivered global projects across various sectors.

Harriet Gardner

Procurement & Quality Manager

Over 10 years’ experience.

Steve Chen

Support Engineer

Over 15 years of technical experience

Alexis Klestov

Support Engineer

Over 15 years of technical experience

Jack Hansen

Support Engineer

Over 2 years of technical experience.

Charlie Dennis

Marketing Manager

An experienced marketing strategist with 8 years experience in business growth and innovation.

David McGovern

Business Development Manager

Over 15 years of Business Development Experience. Specalising in Areospace, Defence and the Financial Services Industries. 

Jamie Smith

Strategic Business Development Advisor

 A seasoned business executive, Jamie comes with a rich experience spanning over forty years in the realm of strategic business planning, revenue growth, business and technology innovation, and customer retention.

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