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Your Introduction to Next-Generation Cloud Storage & File Sharing with Oper8 Global’s Private Cloud Solution, CloudBox

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You get the convenience and power of the cloud, without sacrificing security or control.

Our managed local private cloud solution gives you the best of both worlds: the ability to access your data from anywhere, on any device, while keeping your data safe and secure.

With CloudBox, you’ll never have to worry about losing important data again.

Benefits of the Oper8 Global CloudBox Solution

Elevate your enterprise cloud storage with CloudBox

Seamless File Access from Anywhere

Remote users have same ease of access and performance to files as if they were in the corporate office without requiring cumbersome VPN connections.

Effortlessly Access Cloud Storage Directly from Windows and Mac

Lightweight agent that provides direct access to the CloudBox File System via Windows File Explorer or macOS Finder via local volumes. Users experience file access speeds as if they were sitting in a corporate data centre with automatic caching to their local drives.

Secure Data Access

Regardless of your team’s whereabouts, CTERA Drive Connect makes it easy to get work done on time by collaborating on shared projects. Create safe and secure shared workspaces and drives with AES-256 TLS encryption, full Windows ACL support, syncing and management.

Global File System Architecture

Delivers a Global File System Architecture for distributed customer sites, keeping active files local, while archiving older data.

Multi-Folder Sync

Provide users with secure and vendor-neutral file sharing while retaining full control over enterprise data.

Backup, replication and deduplication

Never worry about backup as all file changes are tracked and synced to your cloud. Smart caching ensures availability of critical data even during loss of connectivity.

Goodbye NAS, Hello Edge Filer

Edge Filers, combined with CloudBox, offer unlimited capacity, multi-site collaboration, built-in data protection, and centralised management. This innovative solution leverages intelligent caching and seamless integration with cloud storage, enabling Edge Filers to effectively replace traditional NAS-based storage systems while enhancing data accessibility and security across distributed enterprises.

Applications for Oper8 Global CloudBox Solution

Elevate your enterprise cloud storage with CloudBox

Marketing & Advertising

Digital marketing agencies, advertising firms, and creative studios can benefit from CloudBox’s scalable storage and seamless collaboration capabilities for managing large multimedia files, campaign assets, and client data.

Engineering, Surveying & Architecture

Firms handling complex CAD drawings, BIM models, and project documentation can take advantage of CloudBox’s robust data protection, automatic backup, and real-time collaboration features for efficient project management.

Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Manufacturers, logistics providers, and supply chain companies can leverage CloudBox’s centralised management, data security, and scalability to handle diverse data storage needs, including inventory data, production plans, and shipping documents.

Financial Services

Banks, insurance companies, and financial advisory firms can securely store and manage sensitive financial data, client information, and regulatory documentation with CloudBox’s private cloud storage and data encryption features.

Research & Development

R&D departments, laboratories, and technology companies can securely store, manage, and collaborate on sensitive research data, intellectual property, and project documentation with CloudBox’s private cloud storage and data encryption features.

Government & Public Sector

Government agencies, municipalities, and non-profit organisations can leverage CloudBox’s centralised management, data security, and scalability to handle diverse data storage needs, including public records, internal communications, and sensitive documents.

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Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

What is CloudBox and how does it work?
CloudBox is a private cloud storage platform that offers a global file system, built-in data backup, replication, deduplication, and encryption. It replaces traditional NAS solutions, offering efficient and secure data storage and sharing across multiple locations.
How does CloudBox ensure the security of my data?
CloudBox ensures the highest level of data security through automatic backup, data replication, deduplication, and encryption both at rest and in transit. It also offers customisable cloud versioning and policy-driven retention/tiering policies.
Can CloudBox be integrated with my existing IT infrastructure?
Yes, CloudBox can be seamlessly integrated into your existing IT infrastructure. It supports SMB/NFS access protocols and Active Directory/SSO integration.
How does CloudBox improve file access and collaboration across multiple sites?
CloudBox uses intelligent caching technology and Edge Filers to provide unlimited file access to users, enabling easy collaboration across offices and endpoints without local storage limitations.
Can CloudBox handle large deployments across geographically dispersed sites?
Yes, CloudBox’s scalable, cloud-enabled platform is designed to support large deployments, including remote locations with slow or unreliable internet connections.
How does CloudBox facilitate disaster recovery?
CloudBox offers zero-minute disaster recovery capabilities. In the event of an outage, users are redirected to secure direct-to-cloud file access without interruption, ensuring business continuity.
Can I manage all my Edge Filers from a central location?
Yes, CloudBox provides a centralised management interface, simplifying usage monitoring, upgrades, backup management, and remote troubleshooting for all your Edge Filers.
How can I get more information or technical support for CloudBox?
For more information or technical support, please fill out our contact form above, and our team will be more than happy to assist you.