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Ever heard the phrase “there’s never enough time in the day” or priorities keep getting changed on you while attempting to fix the cause instead of the symptom?

Oper8’s Managed Solutions are aligned to work with your team as your business moves towards Hybrid Cloud, Edge Compute and IoT operations.

Oper8 Global and its partners have been designing, deploying and managing Edge, HPC, Modular and Hybrid Cloud solutions across EMEA, Australia and the Pacific Islands.  We have the experience and first hand knowledge to help manage solutions that are right-sized to your business.

Following the trend to ‘cloud only’ and ‘cloud first’ IT strategies over the last decade or more, many organisations lost some areas of expertise in designing, deploying and operating on-premise infrastructure.  Oper8 Global can help as your business looks towards Edge, IoT and Hybrid Cloud across distributed locations.

“IT teams need to focus on delivering business applications and solutions that deliver against the corporate strategy”, noted Mike Andrea, Director, Oper8 Global Ltd, “having time to do that while also maintaining a good work-life balance doesn’t leave much time to re-build expertise in physical infrastructure and innovative commercial models in this space – it can be better achieved through trusted partners like Oper8 Global”.

Create time for other things – including successful delivery of your corporate objectives, time with family and the odd holiday.

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