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Oper8 Global’s High Performance Compute solutions, Powering the Future of Advanced Computing

Discover Oper8 Global’s cutting-edge High-Performance Compute (HPC) Data Centre Solutions, designed to support the growing needs of compute-intensive applications and industries.

Our HPC (High-Performance Compute) data centres offer unparalleled performance, delivering over 120kW per rack as dedicated computing power to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.

Benefits of the Oper8 Global High-Performance Data Centre Solution 

Oper8 Global’s HPC (High-Performance Compute) Data Centres offer a range of features and benefits, including:

Customisable HPC Solutions

Oper8 Global offers tailored HPC (High-Performance Compute) data centre designs to meet each organisation’s unique computing requirements, ensuring optimal performance and seamless integration with existing infrastructure.

High-Density Rack Solutions

Accommodating up to 120kW per rack, Oper8 Global’s high-density rack solutions cater to the most demanding computing environments and enable clients to maximise space efficiency.

Innovative Cooling Technologies

Oper8 Global’s state-of-the-art cooling systems maintain optimal operating temperatures, reduce energy consumption, and minimise the environmental impact of HPC (High-Performance Compute) data centres.

Intelligent Power Distribution

Our advanced power distribution systems optimise energy usage and provide real-time monitoring of power consumption across HPC infrastructure, ensuring efficient operation.

Scalable and Adaptable Design

The modular design of Oper8 Global’s HPC data centres allows for quick and cost-effective expansion as computing needs evolve, while also offering seamless integration with hybrid cloud solutions.

Expert Support and Services

Oper8 Global provides comprehensive support, including HPC data centre design, implementation, ongoing maintenance, and dedicated assistance from a team of experts, ensuring peak performance and a streamlined experience.

Oper8 Global’s High Performance Compute solutions

Oper8 Global’s High-Performance Data Centre Solutions deliver cutting-edge, tailor-made environments to support the most demanding compute-intensive workloads.

Our expertly designed data centres offer high-density rack solutions capable of handling up to 120kW per rack, ensuring maximum space efficiency and optimal performance. Innovative cooling technologies and intelligent power distribution systems maintain an energy-efficient operation while minimising the environmental impact. Our modular design allows for seamless scalability and adaptability as your computing needs evolve, while expert support and services guarantee a streamlined experience from initial design to ongoing maintenance.

Choose Oper8 Global’s High-Performance Data Centre Solutions for your organisation’s high-powered computing needs and experience the benefits of advanced infrastructure and expert support.

Applications for the Oper8 Global High-Performance Data Centre Solution 

Oper8 Global’s HPC Data Centres offer a range of features and benefits for different industries, including:

Aerospace and Defence

For complex simulations, data processing, and satellite imaging analysis, HPC solutions play a critical role in enhancing aerospace and defense capabilities.

Automotive and Transportation

HPC enables advanced simulations and modeling for vehicle design, aerodynamics, fuel efficiency, and crash testing, helping to develop safer and more efficient transportation solutions.

Life Sciences and Healthcare

High-performance computing supports genome sequencing, drug discovery, and advanced medical imaging, enabling breakthroughs in personalised medicine, disease prevention, and treatment.

Finance & Banking

High-performance computing supports risk analysis, high-frequency trading, and fraud detection in the finance and banking industry, helping organisations make informed decisions and maintain secure transactions.

Oil, Gas, and Energy

HPC solutions facilitate seismic data analysis, reservoir modeling, and optimization of extraction processes, resulting in more efficient and environmentally friendly resource management.

Research and Academia

Academic institutions and research organisations leverage HPC for large-scale simulations, data analysis, and modeling, driving innovations and breakthroughs across various fields such as climate science, materials science, and particle physics.

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Enhance Your Data Centre Experience with Expert Monitoring, Maintenance, and Security Solutions with Oper8 Global

Discover Oper8 Global’s Comprehensive Suite of Services:

Data Centre Monitoring

Oper8 Global offers cutting-edge Data Centre Monitoring solutions in collaboration with RF Code and Modius, providing unparalleled efficiency and performance.

This comprehensive approach allows data centre operators, colocation providers, and large enterprises to manage and optimise their critical infrastructure effectively, handling vast data streams from diverse locations, platforms, and devices seamlessly.

Data Centre Maintenance

Oper8 Global offers the full range of data centre operational, maintenance, monitoring and proactive management services, including:

  • Site Assessment and Financial Feasibility for Data Centre Development Projects
  • Operational management, monitoring and incident management
  • Scheduled Maintenance of the Data Centre and all related components
  • And more

Data Centre Security

Oper8 Global specialises in designing and managing comprehensive security for your Data Centre, ensuring protection from “Gate to Rack.” Our solutions include:

  • CCTV monitoring
  • SafeG8 (Rack-Mounted Safe)
  • SR Rated Enclosures
  • IP66 Rated Enclosures

Trust Oper8 Global for end-to-end data centre security tailored to your unique needs.

Other Oper8 Global Data Centre Solutions 

Oper8 Global’s has a Data Centre Solution for all applications and industries; 

Micro Data Centre

  • Fast deployment and scalable Data Centre solutions
  • Ideal for small spaces and remote locations.
  • Security-rated enclosures, including IP66, SR3, SR4, and SR5, with optional EMI/RF shielding

High-Performance Compute

  • Data Centre solutions designed for data-intensive applications and industries
  • Capable of delivering over 120kW per rack as dedicated computing power
  • Ideal for AI, big data analytics, and scientific research applications

Prefabricated Data Centres

  • Fast deployment and scalable Data Centre solutions
  • Custom steel enclosures with weight-bearing floors and roofs
  • Security-rated enclosures, including SR3, SR4, and SR5, with optional EMI/RF shielding

Custom Modular Data Centre

  • Tailored Data Centre solutions built into existing rooms in office buildings or warehouses
  • Seamless integration into pre-existing spaces without compromising on performance
  • Scalable and adaptable to suit unique infrastructure requirements


Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

What is High Performance Computing (HPC)?

High Performance Computing refers to the practice of aggregating computing power in a way that delivers much higher performance than one could get out of a typical desktop computer or workstation, allowing us to solve large problems in science, engineering, or business.

Why would I need an HPC Data Centre solution from Oper8 Global?

Oper8 Global’s HPC solutions are designed to meet the needs of organisations that require substantial computational power. If you’re dealing with complex simulations, large data processing, or advanced modelling, our HPC solutions provide the necessary capacity, speed, and reliability.

What industries typically use High Performance Compute Data Centres?

HPC Data Centres are used in a range of industries such as aerospace, automotive, healthcare, energy, finance, and academia. They are typically utilised for complex tasks that require substantial computational power such as large-scale simulations, data analysis, and modeling.

How does an HPC Data Centre differ from a regular Data Centre?

HPC Data Centres are specifically designed to support intense computational tasks and house high-performance computers. They have more robust power distribution and cooling systems to manage the higher heat output of HPC equipment. Also, their design often incorporates redundancy and resiliency features to ensure computational tasks can run for extended periods without interruption.

Can Oper8 Global's HPC solutions be customised to fit my specific needs?

Absolutely. Oper8 Global prides itself on providing tailored HPC solutions. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific requirements and design a solution that best meets their computational needs.

What kind of support does Oper8 Global provide for their HPC solutions?

Oper8 Global offers comprehensive support for our HPC solutions. This includes planning and design, installation, ongoing maintenance, and technical support. We’re committed to ensuring that your HPC Data Centre operates efficiently and reliably to support your computational needs.

How does Oper8 Global ensure the energy efficiency of its HPC Data Centres?

At Oper8 Global, we understand the importance of energy efficiency in managing operational costs and reducing environmental impact. Our HPC Data Centres are designed with energy-efficient components and systems, including advanced cooling technologies and power management systems, to minimise energy consumption while maintaining optimal performance.

How does Oper8 Global handle the security of its HPC Data Centres?

Security is a top priority at Oper8 Global. Our HPC Data Centres can be designed with multiple layers of physical and cyber security measures. This includes controlled access, surveillance systems, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and regular security audits. We constantly update our security measures to ensure we’re protecting your valuable data and resources against evolving threats.