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What we do

Data Centre Solutions

Modular data centre solutions delivering on-premise Edge Compute and Hybrid Cloud systems where you need them – world wide.

Maintenance & Operations

Edge and Hybrid data centre maintenance, management and operations with integrated back to base environmental and optional asset management solutions.

Edge & Hybrid Cloud

Enabling your IT systems, applications and HPC platforms to span the local-to-cloud divide with support up to 125kW per rack.

Data Communications

Partner enabled data and internet links enabling on-premise and Colo Data Centre deployments with out of band monitoring.

Cyber Security

Protect your Edge and Hybrid Cloud platforms, applications and business critical data with HSM encryption key management.

Data Recovery and Backup

CloudNAS Edge and Hybrid Cloud storage can span your own local office and cloud data storage – offering fast data access with offsite backup and recovery.


Professional IT Services & Technology Consulting

Oper8 Global can help align the best solution for your Edge, HPC, Modular and Hybrid needs. We can assist with:

  •  Data Centre Strategy 
  •  Requirements Analysis and Review
  •  Detailed Edge, HPC and Modular Data Centre Design
  •  Hybrid Solution Design with Colocation, Cloud and Edge
  •  Site Assessment and Planning
  •  Risk Assessement and Mitigation
  •  Total Cost of Ownerhip and Operations
  •  Maintenance and Operations Plans
  •  Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans
  •  Telecommunications Interconnectivity and Cloud Connect

Should your requirement not be listed above, feel free to discuss your needs with your Oper8 Global Representative.

We create fully integrated solutions so you can focus on your business

One solution does not fit all, whether your business requires local compute and data storage or a hybrid platform that incorporates both cloud and on-premise components, Oper8 Global can enable the right-sized solution that delivers your commercial and business needs.

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Data Centres

Aligning the right-sized data centre investment to your commercial and technical needs requires consideration of what’s best for your business.

Our data centre solutions range across on-premise Edge, HPC and Modular solutions, with Hybrid models incorporating colocation and on-premise models.


Data Storage

With businesses requiring fast, secure access to mission critical data in both cloud and remote locations, hybrid storage becomes a necessity.

Oper8’s data storage solutions are based on the hybrid storage model, with on-premise CloudNAS systems providing local, secure, quick access data storage with scheduled data backup to Oper8’s own cloud storage.


Data Networks

Every data centre and IoT solution requires some form of data communications. Data network design, security, interconnectivity, and structured cabling is a critical component of effective data centre operations and site monitoring. Our solutions range from structured cabling and internet connectivity to carrier interconnect and IoT / monitoring traffic over 4G/5G.


Data Protection

Sensitive corporate and business data requires protection regardless of its location – at the Edge, on-premise, in a colocation or cloud data centre.

Our Key Partners enable our Security Solutions to help protect your data in the hybrid world.


What People Are Saying

Glad to see Oper8 Global providing an integrated secure and protected data centric solution to Edge and Hybrid Cloud solutions. 

Michael P

Game Developer

There aren’t many data centre teams that can take on and meet the challenge of extreme density HPC solutions. Delivering 115kW per rack … Oper8 Global has met the challenge.

Andrew S

HPC Solution Vendor

Data centres are complex regardless of size and capacity. Oper8 Global has the expertise to right-size the solution to my needs and is able to handle the total solution.

Chris G

Business Management Consultant

Taking the security mantra of ‘Encrypt Everything’ to Edge and Hybrid Cloud platforms highlights Oper8’s commitment to protecting corporate data.

James C

Global Manufacturer

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