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Any Town – Any Size – Smart

Smart Village

Do you need to be a City to be Smart?


The term ‘Smart City’ implies you need to be a large urban location in order to be smart. And yes, it’s true many cities have large data centres and cloud providers ready to enable your smart city initiatives.

With millions of sensors, digital twin technology platforms, innovative business processes, big data analytics and various forms of communications – from fibre, to metro ethernet to WiFi and 4G/5G – the heart of the smart city initiative is data.

This is where right-sized Pico, Nano, Micro and Modular data centres, a key part of Oper8 Global’s IT Eco System, can enable any sized town, council, campus, community, town or village to cost effectively deploy ‘smart’ solutions.

Any Town – Any Size – Smart.

While cities spend millions on data centre infrastructure or on communications to cloud based systems, local mesh connected data centres can support local business with local technology platforms while interfacing to secure cloud delivered services.  The cloud does offer some valuable options too.

Local data centre infrastructure complements your cloud services model and can have great financial and application performance benefits – not to mention knowledge of where your data is.

Just like the cloud, local right-sized data centres can be deployed as a service – anywhere. Oper8 can manage, support and maintain your data centre services while you focus on your smart strategy.

Oper8 Global and its partners have been designing, deploying and managing Edge, HPC, Modular and Hybrid Cloud data centre solutions across EMEA, Australia and the Pacific Islands.  We have the experience and first hand knowledge to help manage data centre solutions that are right-sized to your business, anywhere.

Check out Oper8 Global’s range of Edge, HPC and Modular data centre solutions here.

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