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Oper8 Global IT Eco Systems

Oper8 Global IT Eco System

IT Eco Systems Launched


Enabling the flexibility required to match the broad range of IT systems needed On Premise and at the Edge.

Oper8 Global have officially launched our new range of IT Eco Systems starting with the PICO DC ranging from 1-3KW per rack in 14U-24U rack, NANO DC from 3KW -8KW per rack in 24U -42U rack and the MICRO DC From 8KW – 125KW per rack in 40U, 45U and 48U racks.

All racks are 100% air tight and are fully fitted out with AC, Fire Suppression, Intelligent rack mounted PDU’s, UPS systems.

The IT ECO System is scalable and can be configured for either indoor applications or external applications up to IP66. The real benefit of this product is flexibility as it allows you to grow as your IT estate grows without the need for dedicated server rooms or controlled environments.

Oper8 Global and its partners have been designing, deploying and managing Edge, HPC, Modular and Hybrid Cloud data centre solutions across EMEA, Australia and the Pacific Islands.  We have the experience and first hand knowledge to help manage data centre solutions that are right-sized to your business, anywhere.

Check out Oper8 Global’s range of Edge, HPC and Modular data centre solutions here.

Contact your Oper8 Global Representative to discuss your data centre deployment, where you need it.

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