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Welcome Jasmine O’Reilly

Welcome, Jasmine!

Oper8 Global welcomes a new key member to our talented team – Jasmine O’Reilly. Jasmine brings her substantial Senior Finance Business Partner expertise to our organisation.

A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with over a decade’s experience across diverse industries such as retail, small business, and utilities, she has an extensive understanding of financial management.

Jasmine’s skillset extends beyond numbers and spreadsheets, known for delivering strategic direction and insightful financial advice that steers businesses towards success. She has an adept eye for discerning opportunities and diffusing risks, which ensures she will be a key player in sculpting and deploying business strategies that will drive Oper8 Global towards long-term growth and profitability.

Jasmine is not just about business and figures; she deeply values the importance of customer care and consistently advocates for a customer-centric approach. She understands that customers are the core of any organisation, constantly looking for innovative methods to enhance their experiences and foster enduring relationships.

Beyond her financial prowess and customer-first mindset, Jasmine is an inspiring mentor and motivator. She nurtures a culture of growth and continuous improvement, encouraging her colleagues to achieve their full potential personally and professionally.

Jasmine shares her excitement about her new role at Oper8 Global: “I am absolutely thrilled to start with Oper8 Global, and eagerly look forward to contributing to the global business.”

At Oper8 Global, we have no doubt that Jasmine’s commitment to delivering outstanding results, financial expertise, and customer-centric ethos will be invaluable to our organisation. We anticipate her making a significant impact and cannot wait to see the heights she will take us to. Welcome aboard, Jasmine!

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