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Andrew Burns Completes PCI DSS Implementer Course

A Step Ahead in Cybersecurity:

In cybersecurity, continuous learning and development are not just options but necessities. At Oper8 Global, we celebrate every milestone our team members achieve in their quest for knowledge, as these accomplishments directly impact the quality of our services and the protection we provide to our customers. Today, we are thrilled to spotlight a recent achievement by one of our own: Andrew Burns.

Andrew, a valued team member, has completed the rigorous PCI DSS Implementer course, which offers extensive, in-depth insights into data security standards.

The PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Implementer course is split into nine comprehensive modules. Over two days, Andrew engaged with topics ranging from security breaches and compliance validation to exploring new standards and emerging technologies. He learned about the intricacies of system configuration standards, encryption, patch management, and software development controls. Moreover, he delved into the importance of maintaining robust information security policies and honed his skills in incident response planning.

Andrew’s achievement is more than just an individual accomplishment; it’s a testament to his dedication to strengthening Oper8 Global’s cybersecurity posture. It also underscores our shared commitment to continuously improving our skills and services.

At Oper8 Global, we understand that our strength lies in our team. The more our team grows and expands its knowledge, the better we can serve our clients. We’re incredibly proud of Andrew for taking this significant step in his cybersecurity career.

Congratulations, Andrew, on this notable achievement! We look forward to witnessing your newly acquired knowledge and skills’ positive impact on our team and our customers.

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