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Securing Business Data: The Combined Strength of Oper8 Global’s CloudBox and SaaS Backup

In the digitally driven landscape of today’s businesses, data is the lifeblood powering operations, driving decision-making, and facilitating effective customer interactions. Consequently, organisations must have a robust and comprehensive storage, backup, and recovery strategy to safeguard their data against loss, corruption, or unauthorised access.

A meticulously crafted storage plan is the foundation of data management, outlining the type of data to be stored, its intended location, and the corresponding backup and recovery procedures. At its core, a backup plan is a suite of strategies focused on creating secure copies of data to be stored safely. It offers a cushion against potential loss or corruption of original data. The recovery plan, on the other hand, comprises a set of procedures designed to restore data from these backups should the primary data be compromised.

The ideal storage, backup, and recovery solution varies from business to business, hinging on factors such as the business size, data sovereignty, the nature of the data stored, and the allocated budget.

CloudBox and Oper8 Global SaaS Backup

CloudBox by Oper8 Global is an exceptional private cloud storage platform that caters to these needs, offering a comprehensive data storage, backup, and recovery solution. It features a Global File System, with inbuilt data encryption protecting ‘at rest’ and ‘in motion data. This assurance of high-end security is a prime offering of CloudBox.

In addition, CloudBox automatically performs backup, replication, and deduplication, fortifying data integrity while optimising storage usage. This automatic backup feature ensures that even if primary data faces a threat, the backup data can be swiftly and smoothly put into action, ensuring business continuity.

Oper8 Global has also equipped CloudBox with Edge Filers that can be installed on-premises, replacing traditional Network Accessed Storage Solutions. These Edge Filers work as an interface between the user and the cloud storage, bolstering the familiarity of a regular file server with the added advantages of cloud storage.

Data Recovery with CloudBox

CloudBox ensures that your data is safely stored and backed up, emphasising an effective data recovery process. Its zero-minute disaster recovery capability ensures business continuity during outages. In case of an unexpected data loss, users are redirected to secure direct-to-cloud file access without interruptions. This instantaneous switchover ensures zero degradation in user experience during cloud failover scenarios, thus making data recovery efficient and hassle-free.

Oper8 Global’s SaaS Backup: A Complementary Powerhouse

Complementing the robust capabilities of CloudBox is another solution from Oper8 Global – our SaaS Backup. This robust, secure, and comprehensive data protection solution is designed to safeguard data across a wide range of Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms. From Microsoft 365, Azure AD, and Dynamics 365 to Salesforce and Google Workspace, the SaaS Backup solution covers it all, bolstering the business continuity efforts and data integrity for organisations.

Oper8 Global’s SaaS Backup ensures seamless protection and recovery of essential SaaS data by employing cloud-to cloud-adjacent in-country backup. Moreover, the solution’s advanced capabilities, such as unlimited data retention, storage, and immutable backups, further fortify data protection efforts.

Furthermore, the SaaS Backup solution employs cutting-edge technologies like blockchain-based backups, providing an unmodifiable, secure, and tamper-proof solution. This aspect, coupled with its ransomware defence and malware protection, reinforces the security of your critical SaaS data.

Working in Tandem: CloudBox and SaaS Backup

The synergy between CloudBox and Oper8 Global’s SaaS Backup solution offers offers an unparalleled sovereign data protection strategy. While CloudBox provides secure storage, backup, and recovery for your on-premises data, the SaaS Backup solution ensures that your cloud-based data on various SaaS platforms is equally safeguarded.

This integrated approach ensures comprehensive data protection across all fronts – whether it’s on-premises or on the cloud. The multi-layered security of both solutions amplifies the data protection. In contrast, their shared attributes, like unlimited data retention and advanced recovery features, align to ensure consistent, efficient, and effective backup and recovery processes.

Moreover, both solutions are designed with scalability and flexibility in mind, catering to the needs of diverse businesses, from small-scale enterprises to large corporations. Therefore, irrespective of the size or nature of the data handled, companies can be confident in the security and availability of their data, courtesy of the integrated approach of Oper8 Global’s CloudBox and SaaS Backup solution.

In conclusion, Oper8 Global’s CloudBox and SaaS Backup provide an all-encompassing data protection solution, tackling both on-premises and cloud-based data. This comprehensive coverage ensures that businesses can confidently operate, knowing that their data is secure, backed up, and readily recoverable.

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