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Google’s TLS Policy Changes: The Need for Certificate Lifecycle Automation – Oper8 Global

Google’s Proposed Changes to Chrome Root Program and the Importance of Certificate Lifecycle Management: A Perspective from Oper8 Global

On March 3, Google unveiled a proposal aimed at enhancing Internet security called “Moving Forward, Together,” which outlines key policy changes to be implemented in future versions of its Chrome Root Program Source: AppViewX

Among the significant alterations, Google plans to slash the maximum validity period for public TLS certificates from 398 days to 90 days. This move reflects Google’s intent to promote modern infrastructures and agility, potentially enforcing the change within its Chrome Root Program or via a CA/B Forum Ballot Proposal.


What Does This Mean for Your Organisation?

In short, more frequent certificate renewals. With a mere three-month validity period, public TLS certificates will require renewals four times a year. This intensifies the already complex task for organisations, many of which still manage TLS certificates manually. With the digital ecosystem’s expansion, the number of certificates to manage continues to grow, turning the process into a nerve-racking affair.

The Challenge of Manual Certificate Management

Manual certificate management leads to delays, provisioning errors, application outages, security weaknesses, and severe business disruptions. A 2022 Ponemon Report sponsored by AppViewX highlights that 64% of organisations were unaware of their certificate numbers due to a lack of centralised inventory.

Why Automation Is Essential

As digital certificates multiply and identity-based threats increase, becoming crypto-agile is vital. Manual processes impact productivity, customer experience, and security posture. Automation significantly reduces time and effort, enabling easy, fast, and agile renewals and provisioning.

How Oper8 Global & AppViewX Can Help

Google’s proposed changes underline the evolving nature of cybersecurity and the need for robust certificate management. At Oper8 Global, we recognise the value of automation in maintaining security and compliance in the face of these changes. Contact us to explore how our partnership with AppViewX can strengthen your security infrastructure and prepare for the upcoming 90-day TLS validity change.

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