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payG8 delivers Value from the Power of Three

payG8 PowerofThree

payG8 delivers Value through the Power of Three

Oper8 Global’s payG8 service delivers the security and PCI compliance capabilities of Thales payShield with the worlds leading data centre services through an integrated partnership between Oper8 Global, Thales and Equinix.


Thales has done a fantastic job in developing, building and meeting the strictest global security standards with the payShield range of products for the payment card and finance industry.  Market acceptance of payShield appliances is unquestionable.

Similarly, Equinix has become the preeminent global data centre provider delivering high-security, high availability colocation and network connectivity services through 40+ countries. Equinix as a multinational data centre authority is indisputable.

However, as many C-suite executives (including CIOs and CFOs) are realising across the technology vendor mix supporting their business, it requires at least 9 key technology and business skillsets to commission, manage and utilise payShield appliances across their data centres.  The skills and workload only increases when integrating cloud services into their platforms.

As noted in the following table, payG8 simplifies payment HSM solution management and reduces internal business overheads:

Skillset & Skills Retention On Premise
(No Cloud)
(With Cloud)
(No / Multi Cloud)
Data Centre Knowledge, Access and Change Management Customer Customer
Thales payShield Product, Maintenance & Patching Customer Customer
Telecommunications & Networks (including Cloud Connectivity) Customer and Multiple Carriers Customer and Multiple Carriers Customer and Oper8 Global
PCI & Security Compliance Customer & Data Centre Provider Customer, Cloud Service Provider & Data Centre Provider Dedicated by Design
(Customer and Oper8 Global)
Cloud Service Tenancy Management, Architecture and Billing Customer Customer
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery of the payShield solution & payment processing Customer Customer, Cloud Service Provider & Data Centre Provider Customer and Oper8 Global*
Payment Application Development, Testing & Management Customer Customer Customer
Multivendor Contract, SLA and Maintenance Management 4+ contracts 5+ contracts One Contract
Multivendor Finance Management and Total Cost of Ownership Reporting 4+ bills  5+ bills One payG8 Bill

* Assuming the redundant, high-availability payG8 service is delivered

Payment HSMs present a significant investment for your business, not only in the acquisition of the HSM appliance, but also in enabling and managing multi-cloud application use across geographically diverse data centres.

payG8 Multicloud

Core Business Skills

We often hear about skills shortages across the marketplace and how Executive Teams are focussing their investment in delivering core business related services. In many cases that investment is being targeted further up the technology stack in delivering customer focussed outcomes, applications and business benefits.

The global explosion of cloud service delivery is a perfect example of businesses deciding not to undertake infrastructure level systems management, maintenance and investment, and ultimately taking advantage of turning IT investment into operational expenses.

payShield appliances and the data centres in which they reside fall squarely into this area.

Skills Retention and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

The ongoing effort in training, developing and retaining technology professionals with a detailed understanding of how the various components across a payShield installation need to work together is a challenge our customers need to overcome. Equally, customers need to commit to the full multi-year lifecycle of their payment application and corresponding payShield and data centre investments.

The payG8 service delivery model is based on bringing together the complete functional capacity and capabilities of three integrated global partners to deliver the payShield product as a service. Oper8 Global, Equinix and Thales have developed a broad cross functional relationship to simplify the use and consumption of payShield security technology globally.

payG8 lets organisations focus on their application, business processes and customer outcomes rather than managing a discreet set of technologies underpinning an admittedly very important technology function.

So, what’s in it for Oper8 Global’s payG8 customers?

  • Faster Time to Market
  • Focus on Core Business
  • Refocus on Innovation and market differentiation
  • Simplified Billing and Total Cost of Ownership reporting
  • Monthly Operating Costs allowing redirection of Capex to core business initiatives
  • Getting data centre and payShield assets off the balance sheet
  • Increased flexibility enabled through payG8’s multi-cloud and multinational service consistency

Contact your Oper8 Global Representative to discuss your payment HSM service with payG8.

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