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Episode 1: Cyber Attacks Down Under and the Impending Privacy Reform

In the premiere episode of “Secure By Design” by Oper8 Global, our host delves into the complex world of cybersecurity and data privacy in Australia. Joining us is Robert Feldman, Director at Gadens Lawyers, who lends his expertise on recent high-profile cyber attacks involving Optus and Medibank. Robert provides valuable insights into the incidents, the response, and potential implications for affected individuals and businesses.

But that’s not all – we also discuss the much-anticipated privacy reform in Australia and its potential impact on the Australian business landscape. Robert breaks down the proposed changes, highlighting key areas businesses need to focus on to ensure compliance and protect customer data. He also addresses the role of the government and regulatory bodies in shaping a more secure digital environment.

Don’t miss this information-packed episode as we kick off “Secure By Design,” your go-to resource for the latest in Cybersecurity and Data Centre Solutions.

Stay ahead of the curve and safeguard your business in this ever-evolving digital world. Tune in now!

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