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Oper8 NanoDC

Oper8 Nano Data Centre solution - Server Ready

 Perfect for Edge, Small Business, Branch and Hybrid Data Centre Sites

Nano DC

Expand local data centre capacity where you require it – anywhere.

  • 3 to 8kW
  • 24 to 42U
  • Single IT Rack

Perfect for Smart City IT Hubs, Branch Offices, IoT Gateways and support critical campus network nodes.

Nano DC

Expand local data centre capacity with integrated:

  • UPS
  • ZeroU PDUs
  • Cooling
  • Monitoring and Alerting
  • Optional Fire Detection and Suppression

Nano DC

You can do a lot with 20 to 30U of IT systems:

  • Local Smart City applications
  • Security Platforms and Video Storage
  • Local Data Storage and Backup
  • Meshed network interconnect 
  • Protected Multi-carrier Internet Links


Oper8 NanoDC

Mission critical IT, Network, Compute and IoT platforms come in many different sizes – however, all them have something in common – their mission critical nature.

Complementing cloud solutions with on-premise infrastructure is a natural fit for many organisations who require:

  • Local hyperconverged IT platforms
  • The need to maintain existing applications or business systems locally – whether they might work in the cloud or not
  • Low latency applications
  • Local data storage
  • Ablity to maintain and support critical network nodes, including key PoE supplies in the network
  • Local IoT data processing and aggregation before dispatching to cloud based analytics platforms
  • A distributed mesh of local data centre capacity

A Nano Data Centre, or NanoDC, is a purpose-built data centre comprising a single IT rack, with fully integrated systems typical of larger data centre facilities. Oper8’s NanoDCs include integrated power protection, cooling, monitoring and optional fire detection and suppression.

Aging Data Centre systems holding you back?

Not interested in Data Centre Management?

Lack of Data Centre power and cooling?

Systems can't migrate to the Cloud?

Latency and network performance challenges?

No local Cloud platforms or infrastructure?

Need local data storage with cloud backup?

Oper8 Global IT Eco System

Oper8 Global - IT Eco System

The NanoDC is part of the Oper8 Global IT Ecosystem range of Data Centre solutions.

Smaller options are available with the PicoDC, while more capacity is available through the MicroDC models.

HPC solutions are aligned for deployment with our MicroDC range or with our turnkey HPC platforms.


Oper8 NanoDC Features

The NanoDC can be right-sized to meet your local data centre capacity needs. Typical power and cooling capacity to support up to 10 servers, data storage and networking.
Perfect for locally contained hyper-converged solutions.


The NanoDC enclosure features:

  • Single 19″ IT Rack (24U or 42U)
  • Solid sides, roof & floor
  • Front and Rear Doors
  • Dust Seals on front and rear doors
  • Triple locking door-locks
  • Internal LED Lighting (door controlled)
  • Standard 600mm (W) x 1250mm (D)
  • Standard White or Black colour

Options include:

  • Width of 800mm
  • Depth of 1450mm
  • External Weatherproof (IP66)
  • Vandal Resistant (steel)
  • Custom Branding
  • Custom Colours

Data Centre Systems

Services infrastructure:

  • Rack Mounted UPS
  • Rack Mounted Cooling
  • 2 x ZeroU PDUs
  • 1 x Rack Mount STS
  • Cable Management

Options include:

  • External Energy Centre for UPS systems
  • Resilient UPS and Cooling (N, N+1)
  • Fire Detection
  • Gas-based Fire Suppression
  • Additional Rack Mount STS/ATS to support single corded IT equipment

For HPC solutions, we recommend the MicroDC range.

Monitoring and Management

Platform visibility with:

  • IT systems power load (kW)
  • Temperature and Humidity sensors
  • Door Open sensors
  • Data Centre Systems status
  • Back-to-Base monitoring and email alerting

Options include:

  • Dedicated online Web Portal
  • Siren/Beacon alert (smoke/fire detection)
  • SMS alerting

Server Ready

  • Up to 30U of Rack Space (with Rack Mount cooling)
  • Up to 36U of Rack Space (with separate Energy Centre)
  • 19″ rack rails front and rear to support deep servers and network switches


  • Hyperconverged Platform (compute, storage and networking)
  • Network Pack (Firewall, Router, POE Switches, WiFi Access Point)
  • Server Pack (Converged Platform for VMware, Microsoft Server/HyperV, other)
  • Data Storage Pack (SAN, NAS, CloudNAS, Cloud Backup)

UPS Options

  • 3kW to 11kW
  • N or N+1 redundant
  • Dual battery modules
  • SNMP visibility

A separate Energy Centre offers additional UPS capacity.

Cooling Options

  • 3kW or 8kW Rack Mounted
  • N or N+1 Resilience
  • SNMP Visibility

For HPC, check the MicroDC range.


NanoDC Use Cases

Local Compute

Hyperconverged platforms supporting distributed business processes and locations. High-end video, graphics and CAD design. Local rendering farms.

Medical Imaging

Enable local high-capacity image storage, fibre networking and light-speed diagnostics. Image replication and remote specialist review.


Supporting local IT systems and platforms in regional areas, and to support low latency applications. Enable hybrid cloud solutions and support Local First employment and skills policies.

Smart City

Enable local Smart City platforms with an aggregated pre-processing analytics engine supported by an integrated cloud big data and communications system.

Local Smart City IT Hub.

IoT Gateways

Save on Internet and 4G bandwith with local multi-protocol IoT Gateways. Enable LoRaWAN, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Private 5G, wired and local wireless sensors to be pre-processed prior to presenting to centralised monitoring, alerting and analytics platforms.


CCTV aggregation and storage, Local Video Analytics and Security Access Control Systems.


Working with Key Partners

Oper8 Global Solutions can be delivered, managed and supported across the Asia Pacific through Oper8 Pty Ltd (Australia)

Tom Gardner

Business Development Manager, Oper8 Global

Strategic Directions provides

  • ICT Strategy and Management
  • Telecommunications and Networking
  • Data Centre Strategy, Site and Cost Analysis
  • Smart City Strategies
Chris Goldstone

Managing Director, Strategic Directions Group

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