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Oper8 Global – One Global Team

Oper8 Rebrand to Oper8 Global

Oper8 Pty Ltd Rebrands to Oper8 Global following successful International Expansion

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26 February 2021 Brisbane Australia.

Following the success of Oper8’s expansion into the global marketplace with Oper8 Global Ltd in the UK in late 2019, Oper8 Pty Ltd (Australia) has rebranded to Oper8 Global to reinforce our ‘One Global Team’ in support of our Customers and Key Partners.

Oper8 has today announced the next phase in the growth of Oper8 by effecting a name change that reflects our successful expansion into the global data centre, security, edge and IoT marketplace.

Oper8 Pty Ltd was launched in Australia in early 2012 to focus on the delivery of operational IT services, including managed services, data centre, data storage and data communications solutions.

Over the years Oper8 was able to grow and expand our business through our customer’s ongoing commitment to Oper8 and our carefully chosen Key Partner products and solutions.

In late 2019 we launched Oper8 Global Ltd in the United Kingdom as the first phase of expanding our services into new international regions.

While timing coincided with BREXIT and the oncoming COVID-19 pandemic, the support of tireless and highly skilled teams in the Oper8 Global UK and the Oper8 (Australia) offices, and continued commitment by an enviable list of customers and key global partners to our products and solutions, drives our decision to align our business name and branding globally.

Effective today, Oper8 Pty Ltd has been rebranded Oper8 Global to present a single Oper8 Global team across the APAC, EMEA and Latin America marketplace.

“We are exceedingly pleased with the way the global marketplace and our Key Partners have accepted and supported Oper8’s expansion into EMEA and Latin America with Oper8 Global”, notes Mike Andrea, CEO, Oper8 Global, “the decision to bring the Oper8 business in Australia under the one Oper8 Global brand ensures our ‘global team’ delivers great customer service and solutions where our customers need them – anywhere”.

Our combined global team across the Australia and UK offices highlights the expanded wealth of knowledge, industry expertise and certifications to benefit our customers and their business.

The rebranding of Oper8 in Australia also reflects the focus and success of Oper8 in the region with many Oper8 customer solutions being deployed across the Asia Pacific region. Oper8 Global’s new office in Seventeen Mile Rocks (a suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) becomes Oper8 Global’s APAC Office, complementing our EMEA Office in Oxford, UK.

Since inception Oper8 has built and maintains key global technology partnerships to help us deliver solutions that align with your business, technology and data security needs. The global breadth of our Key Partners has been instrumental in enabling Oper8 deliver exceptional services to our customers:

Thales Security

Gold Partner

Winner: Thales Accelerate APAC Rising Star Award 2021


Premiere Solution Partner (Global)

Joint R&D and Product Development for New Edge solutions

Dell Technologies OEM Partner
HPE OEM Integration Partner
Equinix Silver Solution Partner
Socomec Solution Partner
nCipher Gold Partner
Chatsworth (CPI) Solution Integration Partner


Oper8 Global’s growth also supports our partners with consistent service delivery and customer service for our mutually expanding customer base.

Oper8 Global is lead through our multinational leadership team including:

Mike Andrea CEO (based in Australia)
Andrew Caiger Technical Director (based in UK)
Nick Lovell Sales Director (based in Australia)
Katrina Mallet Finance and Shared Services Manager (based in Australia)
Tom Gardner Business Development Manager (based in UK)


Mike Andrea further noted “the continued market demand for data centre, security, edge and IoT capabilities that span countries, regions, and international boundaries requires global partners and solution providers like Oper8 Global to align cost effective, right-sized solutions.”

Oper8 Global - APAC Office, Brisbane

Oper8 Global – APAC Office, Seventeen Mile Rocks, Brisbane, Australia

About Oper8 Global

Oper8 Global Ltd, with offices in Oxford, United Kingdom (serving EMEA and Latin America), and Brisbane, Australia (serving APAC), enables custom data centre solutions with a key expertise in Edge, Modular, Security and HPC solutions. Services include Edge and IoT solutions, data protection and security, and turnkey data centre design and build including commissioning, product supply, environmental audits and operational maintenance services. Oper8 Global supports customers throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, and the Asia Pacific.
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