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nCipher Gold Partner


Oper8 – nCipher Gold Partner


Oper8 is pleased to confirm RFCode has released new Edge Site subscription licencing options that simplify remote site wireless asset management and environmental monitoring.

“We appreciate the recognition of our commitment to nCipher and their HSM products”, noted Mike Andrea, Managing Director, Oper8 Pty Ltd, “particularly when the secure storage of corporate data encryption keys remains an afterthought for many organisations”.

Oper8 attended the 2019 nCipher Asia Pacific Partner conference in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and presented the Oper8 integrated solution model for edge deployments to the nCipher global team.

With compute, data storage and IoT devices being deployed in distributed locations, at the Edge and across the enterprise, knowing where and who has access to device signing and encryption keys is critical to maintaining high levels of data and network security.

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