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Microsoft Subscriptions Price Increase

New CSP Legacy products are no longer available for sale to Corporate tenants. To purchase a new New Commerce Experience (NCE) subscription for the customer please change the dropdown box from Monthly/Annual Corporate to New Commerce Experience and search for the product you are after.

Please visit our NCE resource hub https://www.dickerdata.com.au/new-commerce-experience-ascend-program.

Below are the key things to note about the changes with NCE.

  • All new subscriptions from 10/3/2022 and renewing subscriptions from 1/7/2022 will need to be transacted using the NCE offers
  • The NCE offers will have options for month to month billing without annual commitment, or the customer can commit for 12 months (and 3 year commitments for some offers) with monthly or annual billing.
  • The month to month offers without annual commitment will have a 20% price premium over the annual commitment offers
  • Commitment terms will be enforced (whether the customer chooses to be billed upfront or monthly) and the customer will not be able to cancel or reduce quantities outside of the initial 7 days of placing the order
  • Mid-term subscription upgrades will be available, e.g. a customer can go from O365 E1 to E3 (but not the other way around, they would need to wait until anniversary to downgrade or cancel).  
  • The NCE offers only apply to commercial subscriptions at this stage (no changes to NFP and Academic subscriptions have been announced as yet)

Please note that all your existing customers’ legacy CSP subscriptions (whether they are being billed monthly or annually) have price protection up until their revaluation date (which is their anniversary date).  You can view your customers’ subscription annuity information by clicking the Download Excel button at the top of your list of CSP customers in our CSP portal. The date that you will be looking for is in the “Revaluation Date” column.

Any legacy CSP subscriptions that have a revaluation date prior to 1/7/2022 can still auto-renew for one more year using their current legacy CSP offer however any individual product price increase will apply at this renewal.  Any renewals from 1/7/2022 will need to be transitioned into an NCE offer manually by the Indirect Reseller.

In addition to the above changes there was also the below individual price increases that will came into effect on the 1st of March (this is additional to the 20% price premium for the NCE month to month offers without annual commitment).

M365 Business Basic20%
M365 Business Premium10%
O365 E125%
O365 E315%
O365 E58.5%
M365 E312.5%

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