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Micro Data Centre Solutions in Healthcare

Oper8 Global Micro Data Centre incorporates the traditional Data Centre Hardware, only smaller.

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Revolutionise your IT Infrastructure with Oper8 Global’s Micro Data Centres

Oper8 Global’s Micro Data Centres are purpose-built data centres consisting of one or more IT racks, dedicated cooling racks, and fully integrated systems typically found in larger data centre facilities. Our Micro Data Centre’s include integrated power protection, cooling, monitoring, and optional fire detection and suppression, delivering a comprehensive and secure solution for your mission-critical infrastructure needs.


Affordable office-connected, high-speed (10Gbps to 100Gbps) fiber connectivity to crucial compute infrastructure


On-premise High-Performance Compute (HPC)


Local hyperconverged IT platforms

Benefits of the Oper8 Global Micro Data Centre Solution in Healthcare

Oper8 Global’s Micro Data Centres offer a range of features and benefits, including:

Space Efficiency

The compact nature of Micro Data Centres enables healthcare facilities to optimise limited space without sacrificing IT infrastructure capabilities.

Rapid Deployment

Micro Data Centres can be quickly installed and set up, minimising downtime and allowing healthcare providers to focus on patient care.

Cost-Effective Solution

With lower upfront costs and energy-efficient operation, Oper8 Global’s Micro Data Centres provide an affordable option for organisations with limited budgets.

Enhanced Security and Protection

Oper8 Global’s Micro Data Centres can be specified with an IP66 rating for high-level protection against dust and water ingress. They can also be designed to meet SR4 and SR5 security standards, providing high level of protection for sensitive patient information.


As your organisation grows and evolves, Micro Data Centres from Oper8 Global can be easily expanded or upgraded to meet your changing needs. Their modular design and flexibility make it simple to scale your IT infrastructure in line with your business requirements.

Edge Computing Capabilities

Oper8 Global’s Micro Data Centres enable edge computing, allowing organisations to process data closer to its source. This reduces latency, improves response times, and enhances the overall performance of data-driven applications, making them ideal for industries such as IoT, smart cities, and remote monitoring systems.

IP66 Rated Micro Data Centre for Healthcare Environments 

Oper8 Global’s Micro Data Centre, available with an IP66-rated enclosure, is designed to withstand harsh conditions, making it ideal for healthcare settings. The robust enclosure allows the Micro Data Centre to be placed outdoors, maximising the available indoor space for patient care and essential medical equipment.

The external variant can also be seamlessly installed in remote healthcare facilities, ensuring reliable IT infrastructure even in hard-to-reach locations. With optional remote monitoring, real-time visibility over your IT infrastructure is guaranteed, allowing for efficient management and support from Oper8 Global.


  • IP66 Rated Enclosure: Waterproof and Dustproof, ideal for maintaining cleanliness in healthcare environments
  • Standard inclusions: Solid front and rear doors with keyed locks, double-lined roof, and lifting eyelets

Choice of Dimensions:

  • Accommodates 1 to 6 IT Racks, catering to various healthcare facility sizes
  • Available in 40U, 42U, or 45U internal Rack Height options
  • 600mm or 800mm Wide IT Racks
  • 1250mm or 1450mm Deep Enclosure options

Experience the dependability and adaptability of Oper8 Global’s IP66 Rated Micro Data Centre, specifically engineered to support the unique requirements of healthcare environments.

Other applications for the Oper8 Global Micro Data Centre Solution

Oper8 Global’s Micro Data Centres offer a range of features and benefits, including:

Remote Offices and Branch Locations

Micro Data Centres are ideal for providing reliable and secure IT infrastructure to remote offices and branch locations. By deploying Micro Data Centres in these settings, organisations can ensure seamless data storage, processing, and connectivity for their distributed teams.

Retail and Point-of-Sale Environments

Micro Data Centres can be installed in retail locations to support inventory management, point-of-sale systems, and customer analytics. Their compact size and efficient operation make them perfect for enhancing in-store experiences and streamlining retail operations.

Healthcare Facilities

Micro Data Centres can be employed in healthcare facilities for securely storing and processing sensitive patient data, supporting telemedicine services, and managing medical imaging files. Their compact design allows them to be easily integrated into various healthcare environments, from clinics to hospitals.

Smart City Infrastructure

Micro Data Centres can be used to support the growth of smart city initiatives by providing edge computing capabilities and low-latency data processing. They can be deployed in various urban settings, such as traffic management systems, public safety networks, and environmental monitoring stations.

Industrial Automation and IoT

Micro Data Centres can play a crucial role in industrial automation and IoT applications by processing data from sensors and devices in real-time. They enable faster decision-making and more efficient operations in manufacturing plants, warehouses, and other industrial settings.

Education and Research Institutions

Micro Data Centres can be deployed in educational institutions and research facilities to support e-learning platforms, research data storage, and high-performance computing applications. Their compact size and scalable design make them an ideal solution for meeting the diverse IT needs of these environments.


Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Are other Consulting Services available?

Yes we can. Oper8 Global uses a combination of our own team with support from specialist partners and subcontractors as required.

Can Oper8 Global provide on-premise maintenance services?

Yes – we support Edge, Hybrid and HPC solutions whether at your premise, your colocation site or in one of our partner colocation sites.

Can Oper8 Global help with Asset Management?

Yes – through our Partnerships with RFCode, our online asset management solution includes wireless and infrared sensors that can track the locations of your key assets across racks, rooms and buildings.  Using back-to-base data synchronisation, you always know where your assets are physically located.  The online portal provides quick access to registered users to perform asset management functions quickly.

Can you do Wireless Environmental Monitoring?

Yes – Oper8 Global uses the RFCode range of wireless environmental sensors to provide a multi-site, multi-room monitoring solution. Check our Oper8 Global – Operations Services.

What is a HSM?

HSM, or Hardware Security Modules, are hardened, tamper-resistant hardware appliances used to safeguard digital keys, and perform a range of secure crypto functions, including generating keys, encryption/decryption of digital signatures and data, and enabling strong authentication and digital signature verification capabilities.  Some HSMs are certified at various FIPS 140-2 levels. Oper8 Global offers netG8 (general purpose) and payG8 services (payment card industry), which include HSM as a Service option.

Do you deliver remote maintenance services?

Yes – Oper8 Global works with local partners to help deliver remote onsite maintenance services for customer data centre solutions. Check our Oper8 Global – Operations Services for more information.

Can I become a Local Maintenance Partner for Oper8 Global?

Oper8 Global looks forward to discussing your capabilities and how you can help us support our customer solutions.  Contact Us to start the conversation.

Why do I need a Data Hub in a Smart City?

While cloud services can facilitate many IT applications and services, cloud data centres are typically located in a large metro or capital cities, often located 100’s to thousands of kilometres away.  Many Smart Cities prefer to maintain IT skills and data centre capacity in the city to retain jobs and expertise that can help attract diverse business investment.  Similarly, many IT systems and applications are better served with local data centre capacity with commoditised Cloud and SaaS applications also supporting the businesses in your city.