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Guide to Micro Data Centre Construction

Data isn’t slowing down, and neither should your infrastructure. Traditional data centres can be slow to build and expensive to maintain.

That’s why Oper8 Global is revolutionising the industry with Micro Data Centres. These smaller, adaptable units offer the power you need with the speed and efficiency your business demands.

Assessment and Planning

Understanding Your Computing Needs

The first step in constructing a Micro Data Centre is thoroughly assessing your computing requirements. This involves understanding the scale of your data processing and storage needs. Oper8 Global’s Micro Data Centres, adaptable for applications ranging from AI research to industry and science solutions, cater to varying power requirements from 30kW to over 125kW per IT rack.

Future-Proofing Your Investment

Oper8 Global’s modular design approach allows for future scalability. As your business grows, the Micro Data Centre can evolve, seamlessly accommodating new technologies and increasing data loads.

Prioritising Data Security

Data security is a cornerstone of Oper8 Global’s Micro Data Centre design. Our solutions are crafted with the latest security measures to protect against cyber threats, ensuring your data’s integrity.

Design Considerations

  • Site Selection and Infrastructure
    • Oper8 Global’s solutions are versatile and suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. They are designed for rapid deployment to minimise downtime and can be situated in diverse locations, from traditional IT rooms to challenging industrial settings.
  • Power and Cooling Systems
    • Oper8 Global prioritises energy efficiency without compromising power output. Our Micro Data Centres leverage innovative cooling solutions, such as Direct-to-Chip Liquid Cooling and intelligent power distribution units (PDUs). This careful design approach ensures optimal operational efficiency while reducing environmental impact.
  • Specific Industry Examples
    • Manufacturing: Micro data centres can be placed directly on the factory floor, enabling real-time data processing and analytics to optimise production processes and improve quality control.
    • Retail: Micro data centres at the edge can support localised inventory management, customer analytics, and personalised marketing initiatives.
    • Healthcare Micro data centres facilitate secure storage and processing of sensitive patient data, ensuring compliance with regulations while enabling advanced medical research.

Implementation and Maintenance

Constructing with Precision

Oper8 Global’s industry-certified design team ensures that every Micro Data Centre is right-size designed and built to meet the specific requirements of your business.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

After commissioning, Oper8 Global provides comprehensive operational management, maintenance, and support services. This includes proactive maintenance and environmental monitoring to ensure peak performance and longevity of the Micro Data Centre.

How we helped BSP with their Data Centre Requirements

Case Study: Bank of South Pacific’s Micro Data Centre Transformation

Oper8 Global successfully tackled the Bank of South Pacific’s (BSP) data centre challenges by designing and implementing a customised Micro Data Centre solution. Initially, BSP struggled with outdated, inefficient server rooms prone to overheating and system failures, exacerbated by the Pacific Islands’ humid environment and salty air. Oper8 Global’s solution was adaptable, robust, and cost-effective, addressing BSP’s specific cooling, power, and built-in fire detection and suppression requirements.

Key Features of the Oper8 Global Solution:

– Adaptability: Modular components evolve with business needs.

– Central Monitoring: Enables fault diagnosis and prompt maintenance.

– Cost Efficiency: A fixed-cost maintenance plan ensures predictable operational costs.

– Vendor Neutrality: Offers the freedom to choose software or hardware based on evolving needs.


Oper8 Global’s Micro Data Centre brought immediate stability and reliability to BSP’s data management operations. The solution adapted to BSP’s changing requirements, demonstrating its long-term value. Oper8 Global’s approach exemplifies how understanding and addressing specific client needs can lead to durable, effective data management solutions.

This case study underscores Oper8 Global’s capacity to deliver tailor-made solutions that enhance operational efficiency and adaptability, even in challenging environments.

Download the entire case study here.

Micro Data Centres vs. Traditional Data Centres

Characteristic Micro Data Centre Traditional Data Centre
Size Smaller footprint Larger, dedicated facility
Cost Lower upfront and operational costs Higher capital expenditure and ongoing costs
Deployment Time Rapid deployment, often prefabricated Longer construction and deployment timelines
Scalability Modular, scalable as needed Scaling may require significant planning and investment
Energy Efficiency Typically, more energy-efficient Can be less energy-efficient due to larger scale

Oper8 Global’s Micro Data Centres represent a fusion of the speed and efficiency of cloud computing with the security and control of on-premises solutions. Designed for rapid deployment, energy efficiency, and scalability, they provide a future-proof solution for modern data handling needs, embodying Oper8 Global’s commitment to innovation and excellence in data centre solutions.

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