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Longer Data Centre Outages Are Becoming More Common

As data centre outages become more common and expensive, it’s important to understand the leading causes of these failures. According to a recent study by the Uptime Institute, the top three causes of data centre outages are:

1. Power problems

2. Software, IT systems error

3. Networking

Power problems are the leading cause of data centre outages, accounting for over one-third of all failures. This is often due to problems with the power supply, such as voltage fluctuations or power surges.

Software and IT system errors are the second leading cause of data centre outages, accounting for about 15% of all failures. These errors can be caused by a variety of factors, including software bugs, hardware failures, and human errors.

Networking problems are the third leading cause of data centre outages, accounting for about 14% of all failures. These problems can be caused by a variety of factors, including network congestion, data corruption, and hardware failures.

Downtime is also becoming more expensive, with more than 60% of failures resulting in at least $100,000 in total losses, up substantially from 39% in 2019. The share of outages that cost upwards of $1 million increased from 11% to 15% over that same period.

According to the study, the length of outages is also increasing. “The gap between the start of a major public outage and full recovery has grown significantly over the last five years,” it claims. “Almost 30% of these outages in 2021 lasted more than 24 hours – a concerning rise from just 8% in 2017.

The Uptime Institute’s study highlights the importance of data centre uptime and the need to invest in data centre infrastructure and operations. To ensure data centre uptime, data centre operators should focus on four key areas:

1. Power

2. Software and IT systems

3. Networking

4. Physical security

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