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Oper8 Global Unveils New Executive Management Team and Global Expansion Strategy for 2024

Oper8 Global is pleased to announce an exciting new executive management team structure to support significant new business deals and global growth opportunities.

After almost 12 years leading the Oper8 Global business, Mike Andrea, Global CEO is moving into the new Executive VP Global Business role to further expand international opportunities, new market entry, partners and global customers.

As a co-founder, Mike has seen Oper8 Global through our early years, with the more recent introduction into the EMEA market with Simon Gardner while collaboratively expanding a range of new solutions in presenting the Oper8 Global ‘Protected Edge’ strategy through integrated data centre and security solutions.

Oper8 Global formally welcomes Brad Sands to the Global CEO role. Brad moves into the CEO role after 18 months as the Oper8 Global Independent Chair. Brad brings a wealth of international business, finance and global growth experience that supports Oper8 Global’s ongoing success as a high growth business.

Oper8 Global is pleased to announce Simon Gardner’s new role as Executive VP Data Centre Solutions leading Oper8 Global’s data centre design and solutions development team. Simon has been instrumental in driving Oper8 Global’s success across the EMEA marketplace, while creating world leading, high security Micro and Modular Data Centre solutions incorporating HPC options across a wide range of industries.

Oper8 Global is pleased to announce Chris Goldstone’s new role as Executive VP Consulting Services as we formally welcome our sister company, Strategic Directions into the Oper8 Global Group. As a co- founder with Mike Andrea, Chris has been performing the role of Global COO for Oper8 Global, which we plan to backfill in the short to medium term.

The Global CTO functions will be reallocated with technology alignment, research and development shared across Oper8 Global’s EVPs.

Oper8 Global is committed to working with our Customers and existing Key Partners while expanding new global relationships. We are excited by a number of new and imminent partnering agreements across our Data Centre and Security solutions, and look forward to further positive announcements in early 2024.

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