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Oper8 Global is pleased to announce that they have just completed an industry first. The supply of a pre-fabricated Data Centre built to Loss Prevention Standard (LPS) 1175 Security Rating (SR)4 for a large Government Project. This was a high rack density application with N+1 power and cooling. This unit is designed to resist attack by tools, including drills, gas torches, sledgehammers, jigsaws, and disc grinders making it perfect for remote installations where high-value equipment is to be located.


With the advent of Edge computing and 5G installations sitting PODS in remote unsecured locations is becoming a standard in the Industry. Our design ensures that all walls, ceilings, and, doors are fully compliant and we give each client certification which has a massive impact significantly reducing security and insurance costs.


The PODS are custom built to the Client exacting standards from a 2 rack POD through to a 400 rack POD. The largest single module we can produce is 36M Long x 4.5M Wide x 4M high but these can be mechanically fixed together to create a total white space free of any support columns so as your IT estate grows so can your white space. We can also provide certified Uptime Institute Tier ratings and TIA942 to enhance resilience


If you are looking for a secure Data Centre built to the highest standard with a fast deployment typically 12 weeks or less, fill in your contact details below or contact sales@oper8global.com 

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