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How CloudBox can modernise your data storage infrastructure

If your business still uses a local solution for storing unstructured data, such as a NAS or local file servers, it might be time to consider modernising your data storage infrastructure.

Modernising storage infrastructure is a journey that companies must tackle as their local and unstructured data grows exponentially. When businesses compare the solutions available to update and secure their storage infrastructure and take their remote and branch office needs into account, the IT department will find several options. The common approach today is for each branch office to work within its own silo, and manage files on general-purpose file servers or network-attached storage (NAS) devices independently from one another, which can get expensive while also providing a fragmented and isolated level of service.

Furthermore, outdated storage infrastructure methods will not suffice in today’s working environment. Businesses have gone global, and employees are mobile. Files are constantly being created, changed, and shared by users who are no longer confined to offices.

NAS devices play a role in modern working environments by acting as centralised repositories for storing, backup, and archiving unstructured data. However, NAS is costly compared to cloud storage offerings, not only in terms of stored data but also because replicating files to an off-site NAS forces enterprises to pay for two storage appliances.

With that in mind, how can an enterprise organization that wants to use cloud storage do so without compromising the performance or privacy of its data?

CloudBox is a State-of-the-art Global File System with automatic backup, replication, deduplication and data encryption for the modern Workforce. CloudBox offers seamless and secure data integration between remote locations and cloud object storage.

Why would you choose CloudBox for the modernisation of your storage infrastructure?

Seamless File Access from anywhere

Remote users have the same ease of access and performance to files as if they were in the corporate office without requiring cumbersome VPN connections.

Access Cloud Storage Directly From Windows and Mac Desktops

A lightweight agent that provides direct access to the CloudBox File System via Windows File Explorer or macOS Finder via local volumes. Users experience file access speeds as if they were sitting in a corporate data centre with automatic caching to their local drives.

Global File System Architecture

Delivers a Global File System Architecture for distributed customer sites, keeping active files local, while archiving older data.

Multi-Folder Sync

Provide users with secure and vendor-neutral file sharing while retaining full control over enterprise data.

Backup, replication and deduplication

Never worry about backup as all file changes are tracked and synced to your cloud. Smart caching ensures the availability of critical data even during loss of connectivity.

Secure Data Access

Regardless of your team’s whereabouts, CTERA Drive Connect makes it easy to get work done on time by collaborating on shared projects. Create safe and secure shared workspaces and drives with AES-256 TLS encryption, full Windows ACL support, syncing and management.

If you would like to learn how CloudBox could modernise and increase the efficiency of your storage infrastructure, one of our Oper8 Global specialists is here to give you a free consultation.

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