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Racing Against Time: Oper8 Global’s Precision Data Centre Solutions Powering Formula One Victories

At Oper8 Global, we recognise that in the adrenaline-charged realm of Formula One, the difference between emerging as the pole leader or trailing at second can hinge on mere milliseconds. This razor-thin margin defines the leaderboard and the race’s outcome. The essence of this competition lies in speed, encompassing the meticulously engineered aerodynamics of the race cars to the nuanced control of tyre traction. Yet, there is an equally critical contender in this high-stakes race – the swiftness of data processing. In Formula One’s dynamic environment, low latency is as crucial as the vehicles’ speed.

Our Formula One clients understand that during the heat of the race, every vehicle is meticulously monitored from the team’s HQ through an advanced onsite Trackside mobile Data Centre. The rapid delivery of data is as crucial as the car’s speed, with an expected latency of no more than 30ms from HQ to the track.

When race strategies pivot mid-race, and adjustments are essential, even a 5-second delay in data transmission can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Hence, a leading Formula One racing team entrusts Oper8 Global to ensure their Data Centre’s relentless performance at each Grand Prix.

Engineers stationed at the race team’s UK headquarters are tasked with maintaining the seamless operation of the vehicles on the track. Real-time diagnostics and telemetry are managed precisely, allowing hundreds of in-race adjustments—from aerodynamics to tyre pressure—guided by terabytes of data.

Our commitment to excellence is mirrored in our choice of infrastructure. Oper8 Global relies exclusively on Bachmann’s UPDUs for their unmatched reliability—”We have deployed hundreds of Bachmann UPDUs without a single failure; their perfect track record is testimony to their excellence.”

In Formula One, speed and dependability are paramount. The Bachmann UPDU guarantees uninterrupted power in the most demanding conditions and contributes to sustainability—a critical component in the racing industry’s future.

Oper8 Global, a leader in high-performance compute solutions, leverages ‘as a service’ models for seamless navigation through diverse computing environments. Simon Gardner, our Global CTO, emphasises our enthusiasm for integrating Bachmann’s state-of-the-art technology into our HPC offerings. This is a game-changer for efficiency and how we envision the future of computing power and environmental responsibility.

With this collaboration, we’re poised to revolutionise the EMEA and APAC markets, setting new standards in computing power, energy conservation, and sustainability.

For further details on Bachmann and UPDU offerings, reach out to Oper8 Global at sales@oper8global.com

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