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Defy Gravity with Oper8 Hybrid and Edge

Millions of place with no Cloud systems

Align IT, Support and Applications to your Business

AWS recently noted that companies are ‘defying gravity’ by not moving wholly to the cloud.  At Oper8 we believe there is an optimal mix of on-premise and cloud applications needed to deliver your business objectives.

There might be millions of companies using the cloud, but there are millions of locations with no cloud infrastructure.

As AWS rightly points out in going 100% cloud “people don’t know what it means for their own job and scope” (article here).  While cloud services have been a big help with some key Software-as-a-Service applications and collaboration tools during COVID-19 restrictions, businesses might also consider their IT systems supply chain, and where their data and support is located.

Considering councils, regions and companies are attempting to retain a skilled local workforce, even in regional locations, a 100% cloud solution may not always align with key business requirements and skills retention objectives.

With global cloud providers continuing to focus infrastructure in large metropolitan cities, governments, councils and enterprises need to ensure operation of their IT systems and applications aligns to their business – in their business locations – whether on-premise, in the cloud or both.

As noted recently on devops.com (article here) there are some serious misconceptions about data security in the cloud:

  • Many “smaller businesses trust that sophisticated, near trillion-dollar cloud providers such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon have ironclad capabilities when it comes to data protection. They think they don’t have to worry, and they’re in good hands. While that’s generally true, they don’t realize that data loss and recovery are separate issues and their own responsibility.”
  • Trust in the cloud also varies by culture (and country)
  • Many “companies believe data recovery is the responsibility of their cloud provider”
  • “The truth is that, whether it’s an issue of data corruption, a security breach or even accidental data deletion, the onus is on you to recover that data, not your cloud provider.”

Perhaps the best approach is to defy gravity and consider a right-sized hybrid approach.

Oper8 Global and its partners have been designing, deploying and managing Edge, HPC, Modular and Hybrid Cloud data centre solutions across EMEA, Australia and the Pacific Islands.  We have the experience and first hand knowledge to help manage data centre solutions that are right-sized to your business, anywhere.

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