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How CloudBox can help recover your data if you are hit with ransomware

A comprehensive risk management strategy that includes robust data security and backup measures must be implemented to combat ransomware effectively. While it is impossible to prevent a ransomware attack completely, implementing protective measures can significantly reduce the potential impact on your organisation’s data.

CloudBox‘s global file system is the key to avoiding data loss. With it, organisations can recover data quickly, avoid downtime, and keep sensitive information inaccessible to hackers.

Oper8 Global’s CloudBox Solution provides the most comprehensive ransomware mitigation and business continuity solution by layering enterprise-grade antivirus and threat protection with a zero-trust architecture.

How does Ransomware work?

Ransomware is a dangerous form of malware that locks victims’ files until they pay a ransom, which could be anywhere from hundreds to millions of dollars. An organisation can be brought down if even one person visits a compromised website or opens a Trojan horse email attachment.

Backup Intervals

Ransomware is a unique threat to both old and new backup methods.

Legacy data protection systems, such as tape-based backup, are too slow and introduce recovery points that are far too large to be effective against a ransomware attack.

The average backup interval setting for most backup tools ranges from 4-8 hours, meaning your data is often between half to an entire day out of date.

A day’s worth of productivity is a lot to lose for any organisation, but it hits larger organizations particularly hard. Hundreds or thousands of employees in these offices are constantly creating new files and collaborating on projects.

For an office of 500 people, 24 hours of exposure is equal to a year’s worth of productivity.

Instant Disaster Recovery

CloudBox’s caching technology allows for near-immediate disaster recovery following a ransomware attack, even when tens of terabytes need to be rolled back.

When rolling a folder back to a previous version in the cloud, edge filers are immediately populated with stubs. This allows users to access recovered files without waiting for all data restoration.

Zero-Trust Model

CloudBox is based on the CTERA platform and is the only global filesystem with a Zero-Trust architecture. Edge filers never store or receive credentials for the object storage.

All storage operations are performed with single-use tokens provided by an authorization service in the CTERA Portal.

How can I ensure that my CloudBox backups are secure against ransomware and cannot be encrypted or overwritten?

Your data’s security is always our main focus. The CloudBox File Platform was designed to protect your information from the ground up against any potential unauthorized access or attacks.

Any attacker or malware is prevented from accessing backup files because data is encrypted in-transit and at-rest.

Consequently, the data connections to the file or object storage that stores the files are entirely secure; an attacker who encrypts the local disk wouldn’t be able to encrypt backups as well.

If you add sync to ransomware recovery, does that make the process riskier? What if infected files sync to other users and machines; wouldn’t the attack spread quickly?

The benefits of a global file sync and data protection platform like CloudBox – where all data is under one umbrella with centralized governance, global file scanning (antivirus), and global rollback – outweigh the disadvantages of potentially syncing harmful files.

With CloudBox, you don’t need separate remediation for every device or user as an attack occurs because it is a centralized system that covers all devices, locations, and users. When an attack does occur, you have a complete picture of the exposure with versioning and backup.

This way, you can easily roll back to the most recent safe point.

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