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Paving the Way for Data Excellence: CloudBox for Surveying and Engineering Businesses

In surveying and engineering, efficient data management is the bedrock of successful projects. The ability to securely store vast amounts of data, effortlessly collaborate across teams, and rapidly access critical files while safeguarding data directly impacts your business performance. This is where CloudBox, a ground-breaking private cloud storage solution, comes into play.

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What is CloudBox?

CloudBox is designed to revolutionise data storage and management, providing a centralised platform that blends convenience and security. It eclipses traditional Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions with its Edge Filers that offer hyper-scale enterprise filing and unlimited storage capacity. This is achieved through intelligent caching technology, allowing users to access all organisational files centralised in the cloud, free from local storage constraints.

These Edge Filers further augment user experience by retaining local file access. They utilise smart caching to expedite file access speeds and ensure availability, even when disconnected from the cloud. As a result, users can work and collaborate on cloud files as if they were stored locally, which makes CloudBox an excellent fit for businesses operating across multiple locations.

Why CloudBox for Engineering & Surveying?

In the surveying and engineering sectors, where teams often need to collaborate across various geographical locations, CloudBox’s multi-site collaboration capabilities are a game-changer. It links sites to a global namespace, making it easier to share files and sync data selectively. Plus, with support for both Windows and Mac platforms and apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, CloudBox ensures a seamless user experience across all devices.

One of the standout features of CloudBox is its robust approach to data protection. In addition to providing automatic data backup, replication, and deduplication, it offers customisable cloud versioning and policy-driven retention/tiering policies. It also provides zero-minute disaster recovery capabilities, redirecting users to secure direct-to-cloud file access without interruption during an outage.

Moreover, despite its advanced features, CloudBox is incredibly straightforward to manage. It offers centralised management, making monitoring usage, ordering upgrades, backup management, and troubleshooting remotely accessible. This mainly benefits businesses with multiple sites, allowing for efficient and streamlined management.

CloudBox can significantly reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for data storage in surveying and engineering businesses. It negates the need for physical storage hardware and the associated maintenance costs and offers a solution that can quickly scale as your business grows. This way, CloudBox ensures your data storage capabilities are future-proofed.

To sum up, CloudBox offers a robust, efficient, and secure data storage solution that can significantly enhance workflows and productivity in surveying and engineering businesses. Its ability to provide hyper-scale filing, powerful data protection, and exceptional collaboration capabilities make it an indispensable tool for any modern business in the industry. With CloudBox, companies can focus less on data management and more on project execution and client satisfaction.

Embrace the future of data storage and management in the surveying and engineering industry with CloudBox – your trusted partner in data security and collaborative efficiency.

For a more detailed understanding of how CloudBox can meet your specific needs, please contact Oper8 Global. We are committed to providing the best in data protection and management with CloudBox.

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