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Navigating the 5G Landscape: Data Threat Insights for Telecom Decision-Makers

The advent of 5G technology has unlocked unprecedented opportunities in telecommunications, from ultra-fast speeds to low latency and high reliability. However, the security landscape grows increasingly complex as we move toward a more connected future.

For telecom decision-makers, understanding the evolving risks and challenges is crucial for safeguarding assets and driving business growth. In light of this, Oper8 Global is pleased to announce the release of the Thales Cloud Security 2023 Telecommunications Data Threat Report, which offers in-depth insights into cybersecurity in the telecom sector.

Key Findings: A Snapshot

Our report reveals some eye-opening statistics that every C-suite executive should be aware of:

  • 81% of telecoms are concerned about 5G security risks.
  • 80% of telecoms respondents have two or more cloud providers.
  • Only 1% of telecoms have over 90% of their sensitive data encrypted.

These findings underscore the need for a robust, multi-layered approach to cybersecurity, especially as 5G deployment gathers momentum.

 Nick Lovell, Global Sales Director of Cyber Security comments;

It really is time to take control of your data, wherever it resides. Perimeter and Endpoint by themselves are not doing the job required, we implore everybody to consider the protection of their data.”

Diving Deeper into the Data

5G Security Risks: A Growing Concern

The widespread concern over 5G security risks is not unwarranted. As telecoms adopt 5G technology, they expose themselves to new vulnerabilities. Consequently, a pressing need for strategic investment in security measures tailored for 5G networks is needed.

Multiple Cloud Providers: A Double-Edged Sword

Multiple cloud providers can offer redundancy and flexibility but complicate the security landscape. Managing different cloud environments necessitates a comprehensive understanding of each platform’s unique security protocols, making it a daunting task even for seasoned IT professionals.

Data Encryption: A Neglected Priority

The astonishingly low rate of sensitive data encryption is a red flag for any organisation. With cyber threats on the rise, encrypting sensitive data is no longer optional but a mandatory step in any cybersecurity strategy.

Get Full Access to the full Report.

We invite you to download the full document for a complete understanding of the challenges and opportunities in The Thales Cloud Security 2023 Telecommunications Data Threat Report. To access, simply submit your details here

As telecoms venture deeper into the 5G era, addressing these critical security challenges is not just an IT concern but a strategic imperative. For C-suite executives and upper management, leveraging insights from data-driven reports like ours can be a game-changer in shaping a resilient and future-ready telecom enterprise.

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