5 Ways Real-Time Data Can Help Your Data Centre Save Money and Avoid Disasters

Traditional methods of asset inventory and environmental monitoring are unable to keep up with the speed of data centre change.

RF Code & Oper8 Global

5 Ways Real-Time Data Can Help Your Data Centre Save Money and Avoid Disasters

Oper8 Global & RF Code Real-Time Data Solutions

Company margins are under increasing pressure and data centre are under the microscope due to the high capital cost associated with equipment.

Many organisations can’t put hard numbers to the return on these investments. The result is millions of dollars wasted every year, simply because traditional methods of asset inventory and environmental monitoring are unable to keep up with the speed of data centre change.

In this eBook, RF Code & Oper8 Global draw upon 20 years of first-hand experience to help you increase data centre value & return with RTOI. Fill out the form at right to download the eBook and learn how you can leverage RF Code’s RTOI platform to ensure every asset in your data centre is auditable and accountable in real-time.

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Data Discovery is the First Step in Effective Data Security

Efficiently discover and classify sensitive data, get a clear understanding of data and its ricks, and apply remediation from a single pane of glass

Data Discovery

Identify structured and unstructured data that is of risk of exposure, such as PII, PHI, PCI, IP, among other business data

Data Classification

Comply with industry-specific regulatory mandates such as CCPA, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and GDPR.

Risk Analysis

Provide visibility into potential risks that may affect sensitive business information assets, data and processes

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Our Other Key Solutions

We’re Passionate About Making IT Simple and Secure
Created on the back of 60 years of experience. 

Data Centre Solutions

Aligning the right-sized data centre investment to your commercial and technical needs requires consideration of what’s best for your business.

Our data centre solutions range across on-premise Edge, HPC, and Modular solutions, with Hybrid models incorporating colocation and on-premise models

Cyber Security

Sensitive corporate and business data requires protection regardless of its location – at the Edge, on-premise, in a colocation or cloud data centre.

Our Key Partners enable our Security Solutions to help protect your data in the hybrid world.

Edge & Hybrid Cloud

Delivering complementary cloud and colocation solutions close to where you need your technology, applications, and sensitive data – at the Edge.

Oper8 Global covers the full solution stack from data centre to server and storage systems, network, and data security through IoT monitoring and asset management.

IoT Solutions

As distributed computing across Edge and Hybrid cloud systems become more prevalent, the need to increase the visibility of remote sites and critical IT assets becomes business-critical.

Oper8 Global delivers business-aligned wireless and wired IoT monitoring solutions that maintain real-time visibility across all your business sites.

Maintenance & Operations

Edge and Hybrid data centre maintenance, management and operations with integrated back-to-base environmental and optional asset management solutions

Data Recovery and Backup

CloudNAS Edge and Hybrid Cloud storage can span your own local office and cloud data storage – offering fast data access with offsite backup and recovery.

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