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What is netG8?

Oper8 Global’s netG8 service delivers the security and compliance capabilities of Thales HSM and CiperhTrust Platform with the worlds leading data centre services through an integrated partnership between Oper8 Global, Thales and Equinix.

Making Cyber Security Simple and Secure


Why netG8?

netG8 enables organisations to quickly understand their current data privacy posture with efficient data discovery and classification; remediate the risk, and proactively respond to privacy and security regulations.

netG8 High-Speed Encryption

They are field proven to secure data in transit including time-sensitive voice and video streams, as well as metadata for enterprise and government organizations, defense agencies, global financial transactions networks, and the world’s biggest cloud services providers.

netG8 Hardware Security Module (HSM)

Tamper-proof, hardware- based solution available in a wide range of form factors and performance options for high assurance encryption key protection

netG8 Transparent Encryption

Delivers high-performance encryption and least-privilege access controls for files, directories, and volumes

netG8 Application Data Protection

Delivers crypto functions such as key management, signing, hashing, and encryption services through APIs.

netG8 Tokenization

Quickly add tokenization and dynamic data masking to exisiting applications to protect data and meet regulations.

netG8 Database Protection

Delivers comprehensive encryption and granular controls to secure the most sensitive data across your database environments

netG8 Cloud Key Manager

Enables strong controls over encryption keys and policies for data encrypted by multiple cloud providers

netG8 Sensitive Data Discovery and Classification

Enables organisations to get complete visibility into your sensitive data with efficient data discovery and classification

You get the power and convenience of the cloud without sacrificing security or control.

Making Cyber Security Simple and Secure

Our managed local private cloud solution gives you the best of both worlds: the ability to access your data from anywhere, on any device, while keeping your data safe and secure. With CloudBox, you’ll never have to worry about losing important data again.

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The Power of 3

Joint marketing campaigns and events educating the market on multi-cloud ready HSM as a Service and Cloud Adjacent Data Backup, Archive and Protection through Oper8 Global’s payG8, netG8 and dataM8 solutions

CloudBox Features


High Security and Compliance
Your Core Business
Supporting your secure cloud strategy
Cost effective Cloud Crypto Functionality


Oper8 Global netG8 nodes are integrated with Equinix Fabricthat supports multicloud, multisite and customer bandwidth options between 50 Mbps and 10 Gbps across 45 global locations.

High Security and Compliance

Oper8 Global’s netG8 infrastructure helps meet your compliance needs for PCI DSS, HIPAA, eIDAS and GDPR. On-demand compliance reporting is available across the Thales payShield and netG8 networking platforms.

Your Core Business

The netG8 service includes the HSM hardware and data centre infrastructure management, operations and maintenance to Oper8 Global while letting you drive your business, applications and growth.

Supporting your secure cloud strategy

Oper8 Global’s netG8 service enables you to Bring Your Own Encryption to protect your data across your cloud services while enabling encrypted data portability between cloud platforms.

Cost effective Cloud Crypto Functionality

Oper8 Global’s netG8 service does not charge by crypto transaction or number of encryption keys. Simply subscribe to netG8-aaS with a selected bandwidth port that matches your functionality requirements.

Want to know more about CloudBox?

Oper8 Global is a leader in the next generation of Infrastructure solutions.

Millions of companies use the cloud, but millions of locations still have no cloud infrastructure.

Oper8 Global is focused on delivering high-security technology infrastructure to Make IT Simple and Secure for Businesses, Governments and industries anywhere.

Work with Thales Cloud Security’s only Australian-Owned Platinum Partner.

Oper8 Global is a leader in the next generation of Infrastructure solutions.

Millions of companies use the cloud, but millions of locations still have no cloud infrastructure.

Oper8 Global is focused on delivering high-security technology infrastructure to Make IT Simple and Secure for Businesses, Governments and industries anywhere.

The benefits of CloudBox

Edge Filers replace NAS solutions and provide automatic backup, replication, deduplication and data encryption

Provides data control and security over all sizes of business and government

Enables fast and effective ransomware recovery

Cloud-attached managed branch storage with multi-site collaboration

Endpoint collaboration client for roaming users

Significantly increases security and governance across the enterprise

100% private, on premise, end-to-end security, no gaps in data encryption & protection

All data is encrypted at rest, with only deduplicated encrypted data blocks transmitted over the wire (data protection in motion)

Enables modernisation of legacy storage infrastructure across file servers, NAS appliances and corporate data kept on user’s desktops and laptops

Proactive, not reactive. Find out how Oper8 Global & Thales Cloud Security helped Gadens



Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

What is a NAS (Network-Accessed Storage)?

Network Attached Storage, or NAS, is a type of computer data storage server that gives clients access to data over a network. The phrase “NAS” can describe the technology and systems utilised for this function or refer more specifically to devices created solely for this purpose.


How does CloudBox replace my NAS (Network-Accessed Storage)?

CTERA Edge Filers are the solution for organisations that want to replace NetApp filers and Windows file servers. CTERA filers are cloud-integrated and centrally managed, providing local file storage/NAS, modern collaboration, cloud data tiering and replication, backup/DR, among other services—all at a fraction of the cost traditional file storage infrastructure requires.

What if we don't currently have a NAS (Network-Accessed Storage)?

CloudBox can be used for any business with data storage and access requirements, whether or not they have had Network Storage in the past. You can read above how we helped Bennett + Bennett, who didn’t previously have network storage streamline their data storage, access, and encryption with CloudBox.

How quickly can CloudBox be deployed?

CloudBox is typically quickly deployable for all businesses, but to get a more accurate time estimate, contact Oper8 Global.

What is the storage limit of CloudBox?

It is possible to extend the capacity of CloudBox to suit any business’s needs.

What levels of encryption are available with CloudBox?
Source-based encryption at rest (AES-256) and in transit (TLS 1.2) secures your data before it leaves your devices, offices and servers. Oper8 Global can help you achieve a FIPS-140-3 level of encryption with our netG8 key management solution.
Why should I choose Oper8 Global?

Competitors generally focus on a single infrastructure technology and leave the integration to the customer. Oper8 Global seeks to solve the IT and data centre infrastructure dilemma while leaving our customers the time and internal resources to concentrate on their core business, their applications and the use of critical data.

Can we get CloudBox Demo?

Absolutely. Please get in contact with Oper8 Global today, and one of our specialists can help.

How we Make IT Simple and Secure

Data Centre

Oper8 Global can design, build and commission your data centre solutions from single rack PicoDC’s through to modular megawatt facilities.  We also support your Data Centres, including Edge, HPC and Hybrid solutions with Maintenance, Monitoring and Operational Management.

Edge & Hybrid Cloud

As hybrid cloud and Edge computing, data storage and networking becomes critical for your business, Oper8 Global can support your remote Edge IT and data centre requirements.  From integrated Nano and Micro Data Centres through network security, servers and data storage, we can help align an integrated solution that meets your needs at the Edge which complements your cloud and hybrid strategy.

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IoT (Internet of Things)

Oper8 Global’s approach to IoT encompasses location awareness, bandwidth and connectivity, data centre and/or Edge facilities and importantly data protection and security. With key partners including RFCode and Modius combined with Oper8 Global’s own gateways and EMS appliances, our solutions can expand across large data centre facilities to globally distributed sites.


Protect your applications, payment transactions, business-critical data, Edge and Hybrid Cloud platforms with HSM encryption key management.