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Micro DC FlexCool

Perfect for Edge, Small Businesses, Warehouses, Distribution Centres, Branch, Primary and Hybrid Data Centre Sites

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Micro DC FlexCool

MicroDC FlexCool Key Features.

  • Self Contained Air Conditioning Unit (no pipework or motor-condensing unit)
  • 6kW or 10kW Cooling Units available
  • DX Cooling Principles
  • R410a Refrigerant Gas
  • High Efficiency EC Fans

Perfect for Manufacturing, Distribution Centres, Warehouses and Mine Sites. No external coooling systems required, with no piping maximum distance limitations.

Micro DC FlexCool

Expand local data centre capacity where you require it – anywhere.

  • 6kW or 10kW Cooling units (Single or Redundant)
  • 42U, 45U or 48U
  • Multiple IT Racks
  • Integrated UPS, Cooling, Containment and cable management

Perfect for Manufacturing, Distribution Centres, Warehouses and Mine Sites. No external coooling systems required, with no piping maximum distance limitations.

Micro DC

IP66 Weatherproof MicroDCs:

  • External deployment
  • Dedicated Energy Centres
  • No need to remove building sprinklers
  • When you have no more space
  • Warehouse & Mine Site deployment

Micro DC

Expand local data centre capacity with integrated:

  • UPS (N, N+1, N+N)
  • ZeroU PDUs (A + B)
  • Cooling (N, N+1, N+N)
  • Monitoring and Alerting (low bandwidth, back to base communications)
  • Optional Fire Detection and Suppression

Micro DC

You can do a lot with 42 to 48U of IT systems:

  • Local Smart City applications
  • Regional Data Centre facility and colo
  • Security Platforms and Video Storage
  • Local Data Storage and Backup
  • On-premise Private Cloud and Hyper-Converged Platform
  • Protected Multi-carrier Internet Links


Oper8 MicroDC FlexCool

Mission critical IT, Network, Compute and IoT platforms come in many different sizes – however, all them have something in common – their mission critical nature.

Complementing cloud solutions with on-premise infrastructure is a natural fit for many organisations who require:

  • Local compute and networking distributed across Warehouse and/or Distribution Centres
  • Industry 4.0 systems locally controlling, monitoring and managing industrial processes
  • AI, data and video analytics, and IoT data aggregation at the edge
  • Cost effective, office connected, (10Gbps to 100Gbps) fibre-speed connectivity to critical compute infrastructure
  • Low latency applications
  • Local data storage
  • A distributed mesh of local data centre capacity
  • The need to maintain existing applications or business systems locally – whether they might work in the cloud or not.

A Micro Data Centre FlexCool Solution (MicroDC FlexCool), is a purpose-built data centre comprising one or more IT racks, integrated (and dedicated) cooling racks, with fully integrated systems typical of larger data centre facilities. Oper8’s MicroDCs include integrated power protection, cooling, monitoring and optional fire detection and suppression.

Private Cloud or Hyper-Converged Platform?

A mobile MicroDC that can move when needed?

Preferred location not viable for cooling pipework length?

Not interested in Data Centre Management?

Warehouse or Distribution Centre needs local compute?

Process Control can't migrate to the Cloud?

Latency and network performance challenges?

Local AI and/or IoT data aggregation?

Need local data storage with cloud backup?

Oper8 Global IT Eco System

Oper8 Global - IT Eco System

The MicroDC is part of the Oper8 Global IT Ecosystem range of Data Centre solutions.

Smaller options are available with the PicoDC and NanoDC, while more capacity is available through our prefabricated MDC solutions.

HPC solutions are aligned for deployment with our MicroDC range, MDC Solutions or with our turnkey HPC platforms.


Oper8 MicroDC FlexCool Features

The MicroDC FlexCool can be right-sized to meet your onsite data centre capacity needs. Typical power and cooling capacity to support local servers, data storage and networking.
Perfect for locally contained AI, IoT, Industry 4.0, edge and core solutions.


Air Conditioning

The Oper8 Global Micro DC FlexCool is designed with a unique air conditioning system. The self contained air conditioning unit does not require any pipework or external motorcondensing units as it is all built in to the indoor unit.

Not only does this reduce cost and speed of deployment, it increases security. Less external components means less risk to mitigate.

Dependent on location the FlexCool system can use ducts to supply the required fresh air and vent the warm exhaust air away from Micro DC. Ducts are optional, if your Micro DC is in a ventilated factory or sited outdoors, then it is possible to vent direct to atmosphere.

The FlexCool system uses DX cooling technologies with EC motors to offer a controlled and efficient cooling package for your compute. R410A refrigerant is used and a low temperature option is available. Cool air delivery can be achieved with single or dual sided airflow dependent on the configuration of your Micro DC.

The FlexCool system is a cost effective, rapidly deployable and mobile solution that offers a unique proposition to IT cooling.

Contact Oper8 Global today to see how the Micro DC FlexCool solution can advantage your business.


Cooling Features

  • Self Contained Air Conditioning Unit (no pipework or motorcondensing unit)
  • 6kW or 10kW available
  • DX Cooling principles
  • R410A Refrigerant Gas
  • EC Fans for both condensing and evaporating sections for high efficiency and partial loads
  • Evaporating Coil with Hydrophobic Treatment – ease condensate collection and prevent air recirculation
  • Condensation Pump
  • 50Hz or 60Hz power options
  • Oper8 System Monitoring
  • Low ambient temperatures to -40C
  • FlexCool 6 delivers 6kW Total Cooling Capacity
  • FlexCool 10 delivers 10kW Total Cooling Capacity

Download the MicroDC FlexCool Brochure.


The MicroDC enclosure features:

  • One or more 19″ IT Racks (42, 45 or 48U)
  • Solid sides, roof & floor
  • Front and Rear Doors
  • Dust Seals on front and rear doors
  • Triple locking door-locks
  • Internal LED Lighting (door controlled)
  • IT Racks 600mm (W) x 1250mm (D)
  • Standard White or Black colour

Options include:

  • Width of 800mm per IT Rack
  • Depth of 1450mm
  • External Weatherproof (IP66)
  • Vandal Resistant (steel)
  • Custom Branding
  • Custom Colours

Data Centre Systems

Services infrastructure:

  • Rack Mounted UPS
  • Integrated Cooling Racks
  • 2 x ZeroU PDUs per Rack
  • 1 x Rack Mount STS
  • Cable Management

Options include:

  • External Energy Centre for UPS systems
  • Resilient UPS and Cooling (N, N+1, N+N)
  • Fire Detection
  • Gas-based Fire Suppression
  • Additional Rack Mount STS/ATS to support single corded IT equipment

HPC solutions require additional cooling infrastructure.

Monitoring and Management

Platform visibility with:

  • IT systems power load (kW) per Rack and MicroDC system
  • Temperature and Humidity sensors
  • Door Open sensors
  • Fire Detection and Suppression
  • Data Centre Systems status
  • Back-to-Base monitoring and email alerting

Options include:

  • Dedicated online Web Portal
  • Extend monitoring to core network, server and storage systems
  • Siren/Beacon alert (smoke/fire detection)
  • SMS alerting
  • Auto Door Open system

Server Ready

  • Up to 48U of Rack Space per IT Rack
  • Up to 192U of IT Rack Space when using separate Energy Centres for UPS and Power
  • 19″ rack rails front and rear to support deep servers and network switches
  • IT Load capacity from 6kW to 40W per MicroDC FlexCool


  • Warehouse Platform (compute, storage and networking)
  • Network Pack (Firewall, Router, POE Switches, WiFi Access Point)
  • Server Pack (Redundant Platform for VMware, Microsoft Server/HyperV, other)
  • Data Storage Pack (SAN, NAS, CloudNAS, Cloud Backup)

UPS Options

  • 8kW to 40kW
  • N, N+1 or N+N redundant
  • Dual battery modules
  • SNMP visibility

A separate Energy Centre offers additional UPS and battery capacity.

Cooling Options

  • 6kW to 10kW Units
  • Separate Cooling Racks
  • N, N+1 or N+N Resilience
  • SNMP Visibility
  • 50Hz or 60Hz power

Capacity above 10kW requires multiple cooling units.


MicroDC Use Cases

Local Compute

AI and IoT platforms supporting distributed business processes, automation and monitoring. Local CCTV video gateways, video analytics and storage located where you need it.

Mobile / Relocatable

Fully integrated cooling systems enable the MicroDC FlexCool to be moved around your facility as you needs change. Provided there’s power and communications the MicroDC FlexCool can support your control processing needs.


Supporting local IT systems and platforms in regional areas, and to support low latency applications. Enable hybrid cloud solutions and support Local First employment and skills policies.

Industry 4.0

Enable local Industry 4.0 platforms with on premise data centre capacity located where you need it across your Warehouse or Distribution Centre.  Cooling pipework lengths and pathways are no longer an issue.

Muti Carrier Interconnect

Enabled multiple carriers to securely deliver connectivity to your business premises and local compute, manufacturing or processing facilities. Provision separate IT Racks per Service Provider or Carrier while sharing power and cooling capacity.


CCTV aggregation and storage, Local Video Analytics and Security Access Control Systems, with integrated HSMs for encryption key management.


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