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Oper8 Global offers a range of products to support and enable your Edge Data Centre, Hybrid Cloud deployment and HPC Data Centre Solutions.

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Oper8 Global Products

Modular Data Centres

All inclusive factory built Modular DC solutions offering flexible capacity options, both in space and IT load capacity.

5 to 500+ Racks, up to 5MW 

See Also: Design & Construct


Edge Data Centres

Fully self-contained data centres in Oper8 Global enclosures designed for the Edge. IP66 options available.

1 to 20 Racks, up to 200kW

 See Also: Edge DC as a Service

HPC Systems

HPC/HCC and Super Computer facilities require specialist design and operations to help deliver performance metrics. Ask us about HPC as a Service.

From 20kW to 115kW per Rack.

See Also: Design & Construct

Colocation Services

When local data centres don’t fit the need, Colocation data centre capacity through our Partners can help. Oper8 Global can also help design and deploy Colocation solutions.

See Also: Consultancy Services

Power Systems

Oper8 Global can deliver the complete power path including Generators, ATS, Distribution Boards, STS, UPS and Power Distribution Units (PDUs). Single and Three-Phase units available.


Cooling Systems

Cooling systems to match the Data Centre platform, from 3kW to 5MW, and from 1kW per Rack to 115kW per Rack. Oper8 Global can right-size the cooling platform for your project.


Fire Suppression

Rack mounted 1U fire detection and suppression systems supporting Edge, Hybrid and Modular DCs, and Energy Centres. Novec-1230 inert gas based systems. Canister based systems also available.

Data Centre Accessories

From cable management, containment systems, PDUs, and LED lighting to door locks, pipework insulation and temperature / humidity sensors. Oper8 Global can turn-key a data centre with all the accessories.


Data Centre Infrastructure Management across Edge, Hybrid, HPC and existing Data Centres. Provide visibility of your facilities in real-time to manage what you can now measure.




Wireless Asset Management and Environmental Monitoring from RFCode can be quickly deployed to monitor and track your assets across distributed data centres.

See Also: RFCode



Monitoring - Wired

Combining Oper8’s DCIM platform with Oper8’s EMS and IoT Gateways delivers an end-to-end infrastructure monitoring platform across distributed data centre locations.  Low bandwidth aware for Edge deployments.


Oper8 IoT Gateways

Enable local sensors, dry contacts and multiprotocol devices to be locally monitored with local data aggregation and alerting, all while maintaining centralised visibility. Edge solutions need new appliances.

Oper8 EMS

Data Centre Monitoring Gateway offering Dry Contact, Temp / Humidity, Door, Fluid, Air Velocity, Power and Smoke Detection sensors. Can control local sirens & beacons, and integrate with DCIM and IoT Gateways via Modbus and SNMP.


Oper8 PRAM

Custom logic controller managing data centre sub-components including doors, fire systems, lighting, beacons and sirens. Compatible with RFCode sensors, Oper8 EMS and IoT Gateways.

See Also: RFCode




Enabling secure connectivity between Data Centres, and to enable isolated DCIM and monitoring, Oper8 provides a range of network security solutions including Firewalls, VPN options, and secure 4G/LTE out-of-band networking.

See Also: Security


Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) perform cryptographic functions such as generating, managing and storing encryption and signing keys, as well as executing sensitive functions.

See Also: Security


Supporting customer compute solutions through our Key Partners, Oper8 can supply server platforms with global warranty and local onsite support.


Data Storage

Data storage solutions including local NAS, CloudNAS and SAN solutions, with offsite Oper8 CloudBox storage for business grade file, sync, and share.

Data Backup & Protection

Oper8 CloudBox and integrated CloudNAS appliances deliver hybrid data storage for Edge, Hybrid and Modular data centres. Maintain secure local data storage with deduplicated, software-free CloudNAS backup to CloudBox.


Enabling Data Centre to Data Centre interconnect, out-of-band monitoring, wireless monitoring and alerting. Fibre and Ethernet connectivity through select partners.

4G, LTE and VPN Solutions

Ruggedised routers enabling Edge and remote site monitoring using Oper8 EMS, IoT Gateways and RFCode for local monitoring. Edge to core networking via 4G, LTE and VPN solutions.

See Also: RFCode 

Structured Cabling

Structured cabling solutions for Edge, Hybrid and Modular Data Centre solutions, where space is limited and tightly controlled. High density fibre (single and multi-mode) and Ethernet solutions with ZeroU patch management.


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Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Are other Consulting Services available?

Yes we can. Oper8 Global uses a combination of our own team with support from specialist partners and subcontractors as required.

Can Oper8 Global provide on-premise maintenance services?

Yes – we support Edge, Hybrid and HPC solutions whether at your premise, your colocation site or in one of our partner colocation sites.

Can Oper8 Global help with Asset Management?

Yes – through our Partnerships with RFCode, our online asset management solution includes wireless and infrared sensors that can track the locations of your key assets across racks, rooms and buildings.  Using back-to-base data synchronisation, you always know where your assets are physically located.  The online portal provides quick access to registered users to perform asset management functions quickly.

Can you do Wireless Environmental Monitoring?

Yes – Oper8 Global uses the RFCode range of wireless environmental sensors to provide a multi-site, multi-room monitoring solution. Check our Oper8 Global – Operations Services.

What is a HSM?

HSM, or Hardware Security Modules, are hardened, tamper-resistant hardware appliances used to safeguard digital keys, and perform a range of secure crypto functions, including generating keys, encryption/decryption of digital signatures and data, and enabling strong authentication and digital signature verification capabilities.  Some HSMs are certified at various FIPS 140-2 levels. Oper8 Global offers netG8 (general purpose) and payG8 services (payment card industry), which include HSM as a Service option.

Do you deliver remote maintenance services?

Yes – Oper8 Global works with local partners to help deliver remote onsite maintenance services for customer data centre solutions. Check our Oper8 Global – Operations Services for more information.

Can I become a Local Maintenance Partner for Oper8 Global?

Oper8 Global looks forward to discussing your capabilities and how you can help us support our customer solutions.  Contact Us to start the conversation.

Why do I need a Data Hub in a Smart City?

While cloud services can facilitate many IT applications and services, cloud data centres are typically located in a large metro or capital cities, often located 100’s to thousands of kilometres away.  Many Smart Cities prefer to maintain IT skills and data centre capacity in the city to retain jobs and expertise that can help attract diverse business investment.  Similarly, many IT systems and applications are better served with local data centre capacity with commoditised Cloud and SaaS applications also supporting the businesses in your city.