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Oper8 Global Wins First Global Integration Partner of the Year Award

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA and AUSTIN, TX —July 2022—RF Code, a pioneer of automated, real-time physical asset lifecycle management and environmental monitoring solutions for data centres, is pleased to announce Oper8 Global, a leading global edge data centre solutions and deployment provider, as the company’s Global Integration Partner of the Year.


The RF Code Global Integration Partner of the Year is awarded to an outstanding global partner to celebrate and recognise innovation with asset lifecycle management, utilisation, and risk mitigation. Oper8 Global is the first recipient to receive this honour from RF Code due to their industry expertise, market leadership, and collaborative partner culture.


“We’re elated and honoured to receive recognition from RF Code as their first Global Integration Partner of the Year,” said Mike Andrea, CEO of Oper8 Global. “RF Code and Oper8 Global have enjoyed a successful relationship for nearly 10 years and this recognition underscores our mutual commitment to innovation and leveraging best-in-class technology solutions to meet each customer’s needs—regardless of where they’re located worldwide”.


In addition, Oper8 Global’s excellence and success with the Bank of South Pacific (BSP), a joint customer of RF Code and Oper8 Global, put a spotlight on the company’s mission, values, and collaboration when working across time zones, regions, and ensuring overall customer success. Working with Oper8 Global, BSP was able to implement a monitoring solution for their distributed network of bank locations across seven countries and half a dozen time zones.


Through Oper8 Global’s Premier Solution Partnership with RF Code, the company was able to preconfigure RF Code gateways along with asset and environmental sensors, which were then sent directly to BSP’s remote locations, some of which were in countries like Papua New Guinea where getting feet on the ground can be challenging. The edge-based RF Code wireless monitoring solution simplified configuration using Oper8 Global’s technical expertise and was quickly enabled to deliver immediate value for BSP.


“We value our channel partners’ input so we can help their clients achieve better outcomes through improved performance, integrations, and new product innovation,” said Dale Quayle, CEO, RF Code. “Working with Oper8 Global to deliver our technology to BSP is a global success story and yet another reason why we chose Oper8 Global to be our first Global Integration Partner of the Year. Working alongside such a valuable partner further validates our mission to deliver autonomous asset intelligence solutions that enable IT, network, and facility management professionals to achieve better outcomes at lower outputs.”


About Oper8 Global

Oper8 Global, with offices in Oxford, United Kingdom (serving EMEA and Latin America), and Brisbane, Australia (serving APAC), enables custom data centre solutions with a key expertise in Edge, Modular, Security and HPC solutions. Services include Edge and IoT solutions, data protection and security, and turnkey data centre design and build including commissioning, product supply, environmental audits, and operational maintenance services. Oper8 Global supports customers throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, and the Asia Pacific. Visit: Oper8 Global


About RF Code

RF Code is an innovator of autonomous critical asset intelligence solutions. RF Code’s real-time, active RFID technology improves IT asset tracking accuracy, full lifecycle management, and inventory utilization at data centres and edge locations. Autonomous IT asset data tracking and enhancement help RF Code customers slash manual error costs, optimize processes, maintain uptime, and comply with regulatory requirements. With patented wire-free active RFID sensors, open APIs, and real-time reporting capabilities, RF Code can be easily integrated with existing IT, facilities, and business systems.


RF Code is based in Austin, TX, and serves more than 200 organisations worldwide including Fortune 500, systems integrators, and value-added resellers. Additional information can be found at http://www.rfcode.com.

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