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Making IT Simple & Secure

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Making IT Simple and Secure


High-Security Technology Infrastructure

Oper8 Global supplies the next generation of IT infrastructure solutions.

Oper8 Global supports the approach that no one product can deliver everything required to successfully deliver a customer-aligned, right-sized Edge, Hybrid Cloud or HPC data centre solution. 

Data Centre

Modular data centre solutions delivering on-premise HPC, Edge Compute and Hybrid Cloud systems where you need them – worldwide.

IoT (Internet of Things)

Distributed environmental and asset monitoring that aligns with on-premise, colocated and hybrid Edge IT systems and infrastructure.

Edge & Hybrid Cloud

Enabling your IT systems, applications and HPC platforms to span the local-to-cloud divide with Oper8 Global solutions up to 125kW per rack.


Protect your applications, payment transactions, business-critical data, Edge and Hybrid Cloud platforms with HSM encryption key management.

Our Solutions 

Our Solutions

We’re Passionate About Making IT Simple and Secure
Created on the back of 60 years of experience.

Data Centre Solutions

Aligning the right-sized data centre investment to your commercial and technical needs requires consideration of what’s best for your business.

Our data centre solutions range across on-premise Edge, HPC, and Modular solutions, with Hybrid models incorporating colocation and on-premise models

Cyber Security

Sensitive corporate and business data requires protection regardless of its location – at the Edge, on-premise, in a colocation or cloud data centre.

Our Key Partners enable our Security Solutions to help protect your data in the hybrid world.

Edge & Hybrid Cloud

Delivering complementary cloud and colocation solutions close to where you need your technology, applications, and sensitive data – at the Edge.

Oper8 Global covers the full solution stack from data centre to server and storage systems, network, and data security through IoT monitoring and asset management.

IoT Solutions

As distributed computing across Edge and Hybrid cloud systems become more prevalent, the need to increase the visibility of remote sites and critical IT assets becomes business-critical.

Oper8 Global delivers business-aligned wireless and wired IoT monitoring solutions that maintain real-time visibility across all your business sites.

Maintenance & Operations

Edge and Hybrid data centre maintenance, management and operations with integrated back-to-base environmental and optional asset management solutions

Data Recovery and Backup

CloudNAS Edge and Hybrid Cloud storage can span your own local office and cloud data storage – offering fast data access with offsite backup and recovery.

Years Management Team Experience

Key Global Partners

HPC Solution per Rack

The Oper8 Team 

Our Leadership Team

Created on the back of 60 years of experience.
Mike Andrea
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Simon Gardner
Chief Technology Officer
Nick Lovell
Sales Director
Andrew Stoakes
Technology Solutions Manager

The Oper8 Global Micro Data Centre incorporates the traditional Data Centre Hardware, only smaller.

Making Data Centre Simple and Secure

By bringing data processing closer to end-users and enabling organisations to distribute their Data Centre footprint, Micro Data Centre can reduce costs and deployment times while increasing resilience and scalability.

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Professional IT Services & Technology Consulting

Oper8 Global can help align the best solution for your Edge, HPC, Modular and Hybrid needs. We can assist with:

  •  Data Centre Strategy 
  •  Requirements Analysis and Review
  •  Detailed Edge, HPC and Modular Data Centre Design
  •  Hybrid Solution Design with Colocation, Cloud and Edge
  •  Site Assessment and Planning
  •  Risk Assessment and Mitigation
  •  Total Cost of Ownership and Operations
  •  Maintenance and Operations Plans
  •  Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans
  •  Telecommunications Interconnectivity and Cloud Connect

Should your requirement not be listed above, feel free to discuss your needs with your Oper8 Global Representative.

We create fully integrated solutions so you can focus on your business

Making IT Simple and Secure

One solution does not fit all, whether your business requires local compute and data storage, data protection or payment transaction key encryption, or a hybrid platform that incorporates both cloud and on-premise components, Oper8 Global can enable the right-sized solution that delivers your commercial and business needs.

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Oper8 Global welcomes Heinrich to our APAC Team!

Oper8 Global welcomes Heinrich to our APAC Team!

APAC Team Welcome to the Oper8 Team, Heinrich! Oper8 Global is excited to have Heinrich de Nysschen join the Oper8 Global APAC team as the Business Development Manager in Victoria, South Australia, and Tasmania.   Heinrich had this to say about his start at Oper8...


What People Are Saying


If the worst happened and Gadens came under cyber-attack, the risk of an attacker exposing our data and that of our clients has been reduced dramatically due to the CipherTrust solution from Oper8 Global and Thales. It’s a world-leading solution that Gadens puts its trust in.

Robert Feldman

Data centres are complex regardless of size and capacity. Oper8 Global has the expertise to right-size the solution to my needs and is able to handle the total solution.

Chris G
Business Management Consultant

There aren’t many data centre teams that can take on and meet the challenge of extreme density HPC solutions. Delivering 115kW per rack … Oper8 Global has met the challenge.

Andrew S
HPC Solution Vendor

Our Key Partners 

Our Key Partners

Oper8 Global prides itself on selecting and working with Key Partners who are evaluated and chosen
on their ‘work with’ approach to delivering customer driven outcomes.
In most cases our Key Partners are global industry specialists that enhance and complement Oper8 Global’s solutions which include
integrated partner enabled technologies.

Thales Cloud Security

Enabling Security, Key Management, Data Encryption and Protection solutions.


Enabling our IoT solutions across multinational environmental and real-time asset tracking and monitoring solutions across our Data Centre and Security business solutions.


Enabling high-security data centre colocation capacity across 30+ countries.

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