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We build and support a range modular data centre solutions enabled with security solutions which are customised to meet your IT and Business Requirements – Worldwide.

Dual Micro Data Centres

Our Key Solutions

Created Over a Collective Six Decades of Industry Knowledge and Expertise

Data Centre Solutions

Oper8 Global’s comprehensive Data Centre Solutions deliver an impressive suite of services, which include Modular and Micro Data Centres, High Availability and Security Enclosures, Harsh Environment Enclosures with robust IP and SR Ratings, Integrated Monitoring Services, and cutting-edge High-Performance Compute Solutions.

Cyber Security Solutions

Oper8 Global provides an extensive array of Cyber Security Product, including robust encrypted data solutions, comprehensive certificate lifecycle management, state-of-the-art encryption key solutions, advanced electronic access control and CCTV, and secure encryption over networks.

Professional Services

Oper8 Global offers the design, auditing, and optimisation of data centres, flexible ‘As a Service’ and finance solutions, meticulously managed IT services, as well as highly effective maintenance and asset management.

Why companies choose Oper8 Global


Oper8 Global has over thirty years of experience in the Data Centre & Cyber Security Marketplace. Our extensive product and service offering service companies worldwide.

Our Mission

Oper8 Global takes a business outcomes view on innovative technology infrastructure solutions that align with customer needs, which enables customers to focus on their core business.

We integrate the complex areas of data centre design with physical security, data protection and encryption technologies, and remote and edge service delivery combined with environmental monitoring and real-time asset tracking services.

Our Vision

As the IT and technology marketplace continues to move to monthly service charges for technology solutions, Oper8 Global targets delivery of the infrastructure layer, while collaborating with and enabling customers, partners and industry specialists to focus on the cloud and application layers.

We have expertise in Data Centre design, operations and maintenance, and High-Security solutions incorporating encryption key management, high-speed network encryption, and environmental monitoring and real-time asset tracking anywhere.

Oper8 Global's Micro Data Centre packs traditional hardware power in a compact design.

Your Data Centre Specialists 

Oper8 Global’s Micro Data Centre revolutionises data processing by bringing it closer to end-users.

It’s a game-changer in reducing costs, deployment times all while boosting resilience and scalability, redefining how organisations distribute their Data Centre footprint

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Real Stories, Real Success: Our Client Testimonials

Discover the transformative impact of Oper8 Global

If the worst happened and Gadens came under cyber-attack, the risk of an attacker exposing our data and that of our clients has been reduced dramatically due to the CipherTrust solution from Oper8 Global and Thales. It’s a world-leading solution that Gadens puts its trust in.

Robert Feldman


Gadens Lawyers

Oper8 Global’s CloudBox solution was the perfect choice for Bennett + Bennett. After years of using portable hard drives, we were looking for a solution that allowed us to access our data in a single, global namespace, along with the security, backup, and encryption that CloudBox offers, as the costs of cyber insurance continue to rise. We love finding technology teams as passionate about their work as we are.

Mark Billsborough

Managing Director

Bennett + Bennett

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